Randy Orton Tops The Rock After Extreme Rules With a Huge SmackDown Spoiler

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIMay 4, 2011

During Smackdown's March 3rd taping, Randy Orton defeated Christian to become the World Champion for the 8th time in his Hall of Fame career.
During Smackdown's March 3rd taping, Randy Orton defeated Christian to become the World Champion for the 8th time in his Hall of Fame career.

Just two days after Christian won the World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules, the WWE sidestepped paying their dues to a long-time veteran in favor of placing the program's centerpiece around the waist of the roster's most talented performer.

In the wake of almost a year and a half of abuse and misuse of the Randy Orton character, Ortonites can hope that Orton's demotion to WWE's B-grade product will result in the inevitable exploitation of his character's potential.

With viperish forced tantrums aplenty, we can only hope that a returned emphasis being placed on the championship being the "centerpiece" as opposed to a "tool" will result in not only a higher quality television product, but in Orton distancing himself from the comic book character he has become.

Jim Ross once referred to him as being the "viper-like" Randy Orton and unfortunately, that solid foundation evolved into Michael Cole verbally salivating while shouting out with faux-excitement at the notion that Randy Orton has become "The Viper!"

So cheap.

But one draft to WWE's minor league and the creative deprivation of the Christian character was all it took to top The Rock's "birthday bash" (not the Pro-America aspect though, which was fantastic).

Coming from someone who became a wrestling fan because of The Rock, I just find it difficult to take his character seriously with all of the cheap catchphrases and empty promises.

"I give you my word, I am never ever going away." —The Rock (February 14th, 2011)

Yet, he was conveniently absent the next week and will continue to honor that tradition (making cameo appearances along the way of course) until his match with John Cena at next year's WrestleMania.

So pardon my disinterest in forgetting he was even going to be around last Monday until halfway through the program when I remembered to turn on the television. I caught what I missed afterwards and to be honest, it was okay.

I was much more excited to learn about Randy Orton claiming back that which is his.

It's too bad for Christian who just may have paid his dues long enough to warrant finally winning the title (it was a bit difficult to take with credibility, but it was SmackDown after all); it's just great to see the more talented performer being rewarded with what he deserves, be it fair or not.

All of a sudden, I'm finding Monday Night Raw to be all the less interesting.

They've already spoiled the play's conclusion (the big WrestleMania 28 announcement) while transferring its greatest star to Friday nights.

What’s most important is that be it SmackDown, Raw or wherever, Randy Orton is the World Heavyweight Champion.

For now that is.

If they decide to pull a "Christian" on him, I might just give up on SmackDown too.