MMA Knockout of the Day: Russell Brewer and the 5 Second Superman Punch KO

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IMay 4, 2011

It was just Russell Brewer's first bout in his professional MMA career. His first impression on MMA fans was a superman punch and knee combo to knock out his opponent in five seconds.

The knockout occurred for 24/7 Entertainment Professional Cage Fighting in Midland, Texas. Just a little under a month ago, Brewer faced Christopher Golden. On this card for 24/7 Entertainment, only two fights lasted more then two minutes and 49 seconds. None beat the five seconds it took Brewer, though, to superman punch/knee Golden.

The middleweight bout for this small promotion proved the best.

Like it was said before it was Brewer's first fight in his young career. The 27-year-old middleweight is from Mesquite, Texas.

Golden, though, is now 0-4 in his professional career. Golden has fought since 2009 and the rest of his losses come via submission. Ironically, all three submission losses are by rear-naked choke. None of his fights have lasted longer then midway through the second round.