WWE Breaking News: HUGE Spoiler Involving New World Champion Christian

Poppa Big NickCorrespondent IIIMay 3, 2011

"Captain Charisma" Christian
"Captain Charisma" Christian

This has got to be the worst I've ever felt for a person before in my life. Three days ago at the WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view, fan favorite Christian FINALLY won his first World Championship in WWE. Wrestling for the company for almost 14 years, Christian and fans alike felt that the day would never come as he grabbed the title hanging high above in front of thousands of his peeps in attendance in Tampa and the millions watching on television.

We were then given the heart-warming image of seeing Christian and his best friend Edge hug in the middle of the ring as they were both ecstatic as Christian finally accomplished his dream. Backstage reports say that a tearful Christian hugged Mr. McMahon for an extended period of time saying "thank you," obviously showing his truthful gratitude for allowing him to win the title that had evaded him his entire career.

This is where the bad news comes in fellow peeps. On tonight's WWE SmackDown taping (May 3, 2011), Christian lost the World Heavyweight Championship cleanly to "The Viper" Randy Orton. All I have to say is...are you f***ing kidding me? Now I am a Randy Orton fan, hence RKOtaker, but that's just messed up. How can you tease and torture Christian like that?

The man has busted his ass night in and night out for over a decade so that one day he could be World Champion, you have him win it and then immediately lose it? It's just wrong and spiteful, almost to a point where I wan't to cry for Christian. This an outrage and makes absolutely no sense.

If you were going to play Captain Charisma like this, you should have just had Alberto Del Rio win the freaking belt instead of Christian. This is insulting not only to Christian, but his loyal fans who have waited patiently for this day to come.

All I have to say is he better win the title again in the NEAR future and damn sure better have a reign that lasts longer then three freaking days. WWE as a company should be ashamed of themselves to mentally and emotionally abuse one of their most liked, respected, and most hard-working veterans.

The only way that this monstrosity can be fixed is if this clear Randy Orton vs. Christian feud leads to Christian regaining the Championship that he never should have lost, or maybe even winning the Money in the Bank briefcase which I would normally say is a guaranteed World title, but with what they have don to him, nothing can be guaranteed. It's times like these where you can see the vicious monster that Vince McMahon can really be.