UFC: Jake Shields Hopes for Another Shot at Belt Before Retirement

Michael Evans@@MikeEvansMMACorrespondent IIIMay 3, 2011

Five Time World Champion Jake Shields
Five Time World Champion Jake Shields

Jake Shields clearly wanted to get Georges St-Pierre to the ground at UFC 129 and he tried to do just that for a round or so.  Then, at some point, he lost focus and decided to try and trade shots with the champion.  It was a horrible idea and Shields never got back into the fight at all.

It was the first loss for Jake Shields in over six years and clearly he was not happy with his performance after the fight. 

MMAjunkie.com was there to get his thoughts. Shields told MMAjunkie, "Obviously I'm not happy. I went in there, and I came up short. Georges has great stand-up, and he kept me away. I couldn't get him down. He did a great job of stuffing my shots."

Shields failed to close the distance, get the clinch and take the fight to the ground.  He admitted that he was no match for the boxing and overall standup prowess of the champion. "I guess I need to go back, work on my boxing, and get better," Shields admitted. 

Shields showed remorse over not trying to get the fight to the ground but he had few weapons to turn to when he when his takedown attempts failed.

Shields lamented about his gameplan and how it was a failure. "I don't know. He stuffed my first couple shots. I don't know why I started boxing him. I should have just started shooting. It's easy to look back now and be like, 'I really screwed that up.' Georges is a great fighter. He fought great. He was evasive, and I couldn't get after him. He had a great game plan."

Shields vowed to make improvements and to eventually make it back to contender status.  "Hopefully before I retire, I'll get another title shot," he said.