Texas: Good, Bad and Sleezy

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Texas: Good, Bad and Sleezy
I have been away on a vacation in Tennessee to visit my girlfriend’s parents. After being here and dating my girl for over six months I have come to the conclusion that Tennessee chicks are hot!!! But I am getting ahead of myself..the game at hand, Texas. Lady Horns were once the cock of the walk in the South. Big Head and I went to the last Texas game against Mizzou in CoMo and it was good up to the kick off in the second half, where the Texas return guy ran it back for a TD. Then there was that time we had them 3rd and 30 and Vince Young ran it 70 yards for a TD. But that was at least three years ago and times have changed. So here we are, it is time for the Good, Bad and Sleezy.

Good: Playing the #1 team in the nation in his home field and coming away with a W will be a big step in Mizzou history. I cannot remember the last time we beat Texas in Austin (It was 1896, so it's doubtful you'd remember that, dipshit- BH).

Bad: Like I said before, I cannot remember the last time we beat Texas in Austin. They have had our number for a long time. Texas is a damn good team, but Chase is 3-1 in Texas, and may be up for some revenge since the Horns were his team growing up and didn't offer a scholly until late. But Texas is #1. Just like wrestling Sammy Vegas for the last Funyun…it’s never easy.

Sleezy: Tennessee chicks have my heart but I will always have a soft part for Texas women. Two ex wives (same one, twice- BH) and a few other girlfriends will attest to that. There are many famous Texas chicks: Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Kelly Clarkson just to name a few. There is just something about them. I’ll let you be the judge…
I know this one is a fake but any reason to have Elisha Cuthbert on here is a good reason!!!

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