Should Melvin Offer Sveum the Job?

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Should Melvin Offer Sveum the Job?
Job interviews are not a calming process for anybody. Believe me, I know. But that's what Dale Sveum is going through right now as Doug Melvin is in Phoenix interviewing Dale Sveum for the managerial gig.

Now, I would hate if there were people criticizing and speculating about my current job prospects, but nobody out there is writing a passionate blog about my life. So, let's ask the question. Should the next manager of the Milwaukee Brewers be Dale Sveum?

Technically, Sveum was the manager that led the Brewers to their first playoff berth since 1982, even if Ned Yost got them into the home stretch. That has to count for something. But he went 8-8 overall in his tenure, and wouldn't have reached the playoffs if the Mets did completely collapse.

Sveum also received a great deal of criticism in his short tenure, including leading-off Mike Cameron, and starting Jeff Suppan in game four. But he did do a lot right, especially when it came to managing the bullpen.

There are two schools of thought as to where the Brewers should go from here. If you're in support of keeping Sveum, it's because he's already familiar with the team, and there is a comfort level there. The players have already said they want him back, so why not, right?

But there are others that think Sveum is maybe too comfortable, and almost just as stubborn as Yost. These are the people suggesting the Brewers get a veteran manager (ala a Willie Randolph type) that won't make decisions based on personal relationships.

Which school of thought are you in? Please leave a response in the comments, this could be a worthwhile discussion. And since none of you responded to my "Your Turn" suggestion about how it felt to have the Brewers make the playoffs, this is the least you could do.

Personally, I'm not 100% sure hiring Dale Sveum is the right call. In the end though, I think he's earned the chance.

Now if only employers felt the same way about me.

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