Barrett Ruud: No Soup for You, and No Long-Term Deal, Either!

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IMay 3, 2011

Barrett Ruud (51) hoping to get in on a downfield tackle.
Barrett Ruud (51) hoping to get in on a downfield tackle.J. Meric/Getty Images

Just imagine Barrett Ruud in one of the old Seinfeld episodes, standing in line when the Soup Nazi declares:

No Soup For You!

Well, just imagine if you will, there's a line at One Buccaneer Place for long-term contracts, big ole Roly Poly Penn, as in Donald, got his. Davin Joseph may get his, but there's Barrett Ruud standing there with his bowl and Mark Dominik is controlling the soup.

Sorry Barrett, NO SOUP FOR YOU.

There will be no soup for Ruud because the Bucs said so when they took the University of Washington's version of the linebacking energizer bunny—Mason Foster—in the third round.

Barrett Ruud wants and thinks he deserves a long-term deal and big money. He's not going to get either.

WDAE 620 talk show host Ian Beckles put it bluntly on Monday when he declared:

"Barrett Ruud isn't good because his film says he isn't good and now the Bucs said he isn't good when they took Mason Foster."

We've agreed with Beckles, aka Canadian Bacon, when he would break down Ruud's play last season, and he'd only do it after watching the replays of Ruud in game-action. He has gone on record often and declared that Ruud flat-out isn't very good.

Yes sir, Barrett Ruud makes a lot of tackles, six yards downfield.

Fact is, the entire face of this defense is going to change over the next two seasons.

Defensive ends Kyle Moore and Stylez White have been put on notice as well.

With seven safeties on the roster, Tanard Jackson may finally be shown the door.

Aqib Talib? It's now evident, that he will be around in 2011 but we don't know for how many games, pending the outcome of his problems back in Texas.

But will Talib be allowed to be on his way when his contract ends after this coming season? Good chance of that unless he goes from poster boy for bad deportment to shining star in the Harlem boy's choir.

But first things first.

The linebacking situation is getting a bit crowded, and when the soup is dished out, Ruud may be standing in line with an empty bowl.