UFC 129 Video: Steven Seagal Talks About Training Lyoto Machida for UFC 129

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistMay 3, 2011

The hottest mixed martial arts trainer in the world is (drum roll please)...Steven Seagal. The film star has been at the center of two of the best knockouts in the sport this year.

First, it was Anderson Silva who credited Seagal with teaching him the front kick that caught Vitor Belfort square in the face at UFC 126. Then Lyoto Machida offered praise for the Under Siege star for teaching him the move that he used to knock Randy Couture into retirement at UFC 129.

Everyone and their brother has been trying to get in touch with Seagal to talk about the newest fad in the sport and how he has been able to get these two guys to perfect it.

In an interview with Inside MMA, Seagal said that the kick Lyoto did was just a little bit different than the one that he taught Silva. It seemed like Machida just put that little extra Ralph Macchio Crane stance into the kick.

Seagal is just a bad dude when you listen to him talk. He is so soft-spoken, but you know that at any moment, if you cross him, he could drop you with one flick of the wrist.

Now that he has these two high-profile victories under his belt, you can be sure that every fighter in the world is going to try to get in contact with him just so they can learn something. If I were him, I would show the fighters my movies. That way they can learn how to break a man's arm in two simple steps.

Plus, can you really beat the high-quality entertainment of Out for Justice or Under Siege 2: Dark Territory?