NFL Speculation: Trade and Free Agency Buzz After the 2011 NFL Draft

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NFL Speculation: Trade and Free Agency Buzz After the 2011 NFL Draft
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The NFL went in reverse order this year—well, assuming the league ever starts—and now we can focus on what free agents are going where.

This is not easy either because, depending on the new CBA rules, certain players could be unrestricted that would normally be restricted.

So, with the draft officially completed, we know that the Washington Redskins and Arizona Cardinals need starting quarterbacks while the Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks have inexperienced quarterbacks, Chad Henne and Charlie Whitehurst, respectively, expected to be under center.

San Francisco has a plan for the future and will give Colin Kaepernick every chance to overtake Alex Smith. Worst case scenario is Smith actually plays well or they'll start the new era soon.

Buffalo seems content with Ryan Fitzpatrick and they'll likely go through the entire season with him.

Carolina is likely going to try and get Cam Newton on the field sooner than later, and that means Jimmy Clausen is auditioning for a new home whenever he takes the field.

Christian Ponder might find a veteran pushing him in Minnesota, but I expect to see the former Florida State Seminole be the starting quarterback for Vikings.

If there is one rookie quarterback that should not start, it is Jake Locker, but they'll have to find the right veteran to help him (not Kerry Collins) if they decide to go that route.

All in all, that means Arizona and Washington will have to find a starting quarterback somewhere.

Kevin Kolb and Donovan McNabb are the two biggest trade names.

Free agency boasts Marc Bulger (already linked to Arizona) as well as Matt Hasselbeck, Matt Leinart and Tarvaris Jackson.

These teams have to find a quarterback somewhere or they could easily be playing for the chance to draft Andrew Luck next season.

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