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Puck-rakers is reporting that the Jackets staple intro song Machinehead by the rock band Bush (pauses for college flashback) will be shelved this season. No word yet on the new intro song as apparently the players will get to decide.

I know, like many of you out there I'm sure, that whenever I hear Machinehead I instantly think of the Jackets (and then college extracurricular activities).

Times they are a changing I guess and I can certainly get on board with a song picked by the players assuming its half decent (i.e. if the Jackets come out to Abba Dancing Queen I may have a slight problem).

The key of course is always the product on the ice but anything to get the players jacked and the fans into the game is always a welcome addition by me (hence my constant beating of the drum for more replays).

You know what's ironic about all of this is Jackets President Mike Priest's answer to the following question on Puck-rakers:

Q: I was quite pleased to see last season that even with the obvious redefining of the Blue Jackets image (civil war, carry the flag, etc.), “Machinehead” was spared. Can you guarantee that for years to come, when I hear "Breathe In, Breathe Out", I will know it is time to take my seat, because the Jackets are taking the ice?

A: “For me personally, I think the song should reflect the players’ identity as a team since it’s played by the players taking the ice. I feel they should feel good about the introduction and it could become their statement to the fans. Fortunately, for our fans we have some very talented people in our game operations group and as such I try not to dabble in such matters. As to a direct answer to your question, I cannot and would not guarantee (the introductory song) will never change.”

Now about the other music selections by the game ops folks.....there is certainly room for improvement as well.

..and what do you know, we have our new poll question (nice to see so many folks who read this blog going to the home opener btw!)!

Thanks for those who commented below on this news.

p.s. I'd like to throw my vote in for "Devour" by Shinedown or "Walk" by Pantera.


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