NBA Playoffs 2011: Are LeBron James and the Miami Heat Ready To Win a Title?

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NBA Playoffs 2011: Are LeBron James and the Miami Heat Ready To Win a Title?
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LeBron James announced during "The Decision" that he was taking his talents to South Beach and then during the rock-star themed welcome party, claimed the Miami Heat would win "not one" but upwards of seven championships.

You look at the top of the Miami Heat roster and you have to say, given the talent level, it is likely that LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have the potential to win multiple championships over the next five years.   

However, the arrogance displayed during the South Beach "welcoming party" and the Heat's early season struggles (especially against the Celtics) left the majority of basketball fans laughing at James' bold claims and his cocky attitude.

Well, who's laughing now?

I will be the first to admit I never actually considered the Heat to come out of the East this year. There was simply too many talented teams with playoff experience. It didn't seem like a team with two legitimate superstars paired with one all-star (you know it, Bosh) and a group of ragtag veterans could come out of a conference that boasted an MVP (Rose), defensive POY (Howard) and the defending conference champs (Celtics).

It's just not possible! Or is it?

With the Heat's dominant win in Game 1 versus the Celtics, we should all be on full alert. The Heat may actually make the finals THIS year. 

After seeing LeBron quit on his team last year, I was convinced he didn't have the fight left in him, I didn't think James would push back—I was wrong. 

The Heat took it too the Celtics and were more physical than what has been known as the most physical team in the NBA.  

This is a scary trend for all all anti-LeBron fans. Maybe LBJ was taking notes on Twitter. Maybe he wanted to see the Celtics again. Maybe LeBron James is finally ready to win a title. 

I certainly hope not, as this is still Kobe Bryant's time to make a push up the all-time charts, but LeBron seems to be more determined, not checked out like last year's Celtics series.

Against the Celtics in the playoffs this year, LeBron James appears to be more motivated, and the worst part for the C's?

He brought back up.   

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