ECW Recap 10/14/08 or ECW Has The Stories That Make Sense

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2008

ECW wraps up another edition and it's time to see what went right and what went wrong.

We open the show with talking.  In this week's edition of talking, we get Mark Henry and Tony Atlas saying that Henry deserves another title match.  Teddy Long comes out says that Henry already had his chance but he'll place him in the voting pool for the ECW Championship match at Cyber Sunday.  The other two spots will be filled with qualifying matches.

Now this makes the most sense when it comes to challengers for the title.  Not only do the wrestlers have to win qualifying matches but they also have to win the voting process to earn a title match.

Again, ECW proves that their GM is the only one thinking like a promoter.  All the other GM's hand picked the opponents for their champions but ECW allows the fans to choose who they want in the match.

The first qualifier match is Evan Bourne versus Chavo Guerrero.  The idea behind this match was great.  Both of these men are exciting to watch and the fans can easily get behind when it comes to voting.

Evan Bourne may be a little too new to be placed in this position but this is the best time to test the waters with him.  If he gets voted into the main event, than it shows that the fans are ready for him to be there and should allow his push to continue.

The match between these two was amazing.  Easily the match of the week as it will be hard to top this one.  They both have such complementary styles that the match flowed so well.  The entire thing was very well paced with great spots and reversals.

This match also showed why Matt Striker is possibly the best commentator in at the table today.  Everything he says comes off as a matter of fact and he never holds anything back.  Whenever a wrestler preforms a move, he calls it what it is, even if it's named after a wrestler who has never wrestled with the company.  The two examples tonight were the Liger Kick and the Tiger Mask Kick.

Matt Striker actually calls the moves and refers to Japanese wrestlers through out the broadcast.  None of the other commentators ever make reference to this and it makes Striker sound so much more knowledgeable.

This match also brings up the question about the intelligence of the fans.  Chavo goes for the 3 Amigos and gets booed.  He always gets booed for this but he's doing it to honor his uncle, Eddie Guerrero.  Heel or not, wouldn't you expect the fans to cheer this?

The match ends with Bourne hitting the Shooting Star Press for the win.  Mark Henry comes out and lays out Bourne.

We get Long and Tiffany backstage.  Tiffany is again promoting Sci-Fi's 31 Days of Halloween as she's dressed up as a Vegas Show Girl.  Jack Swagger comes in and asks why he wasn't in a qualifier match.  Long says that he's too new and doesn't deserve a match yet.  This is the best reasoning I've ever heard.

Tommy Dreamer comes in and asks if he could have a title match after Cyber Sunday.  Long says he'll think about it.  Swagger than says that Dreamer is a joke and he's past his prime.

Swagger really showed that he's an all around package in this segment.  Not only is he good in the ring, but he's really good on the mic.  He didn't stumble and he didn't sound intimidated at all.  He has the potential to go really far with the company.  Hopefully he doesn't get future endeavored.

Up next is the main event and the final qualifier match pitting Finlay versus John Morrison.  This match was pretty good and really showed that Morrison can keep up with mat based wrestling.

The fans were all over this match as they seemed to really like it at times and seemed bored with it at others.  There was a Johnny Nitro chant that I enjoyed very much during the match.

We get an interesting spot where Hornswoggle interferes in the match and Finlay goes for the shillelagh.  Mike Knox comes down and takes it away from him but doesn't use it on him.  This is a complete role reversal as it's usually the heel that gets the weapon taken from them from the face.

Moments later, Cryme Tyme reveals that they have been hiding under the ring the whole match and pass another shillelagh to Finlay.  He uses it on Morrison and gets the win.

Finlay really needs to stop using the shillelagh to win matches.  He's good enough to beat people on his own.

Morrison also shouldn't have lost this match.  He took the fall last night on RAW and lost a qualifier last month for the Scramble match.  He's losing credibility and he should be a main fixture in the ECW title scene.

While Finlay is celebrating in the ring with Cryme Tyme, he attacks the two of them with the shillelagh.  Now this didn't make any sense.  Why would Finlay attack the guys that just helped him win the match?  Why does Finlay act like a heel but is targeted toward children?

Mark Henry attacks Finlay on the stage as ECW goes off air.

Overall, this was a great show.  Although they only had two matches, they were both amazing.  They were also able to elevate Jack Swagger through a backstage promo.  This is how all the shows should be running.  Fast in ring promos and long matches that allow the wrestlers to work.  My rating: B+