MLB Fantasy Baseball: Monday News and Notes

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MLB Fantasy Baseball: Monday News and Notes

Monday Notes

Clay Buchholz will take the ball tonight against the Angels. Buchholz was pushed back a day with flu-like symptoms but appears set for this evening's game. He missed the last series against the Angels with the way the rotation worked out, but he has pitched well against members of the lineup. Look to avoid Bobby Abreu, Torii Hunter and Vernon Wells. None of the three are hitting better than .227 against him.

Look to get Vlad Guerrero in your lineups tonight against Mark Buehrle. Vlad has four home runs and a .364 average in 33 at-bats against him. Nick Markakis is solid as well, posting 10 hits in 23 at-bats. Both Derrek Lee and Brian Roberts are hitting well over .300 as well. Might not be a bad spot for Felix Pie as well—limited numbers, but he is 4-for-8 with two home runs against Buehrle.

Hanley Ramirez checks in at 5-for-11 against Kyle Lohse and Wes Helms is at 4-for-11 in his at-bats against the righty starter. Look to avoid John Buck and his 1-for-15. Omar Infante has struggled as well, going only 4-for-22. There are limited numbers overall beyond that, but these four names are worth taking note of success and failure seen here.

Only Derek Jeter checks in north of .300 against Justin Verlander. Jeter is 7-for-21. The next-best numbers come from Alex Rodriguez and his 4-for-15. Look to avoid most of your other Yankees where possible. Robinson Cano is only 4-for-21, Mark Teixeira is 2-for-19 and Nick Swisher is 8-for-44. Basically, not much to write home about.

Some numbers worth tracking against Aaron Harang. Lyle Overbay is 9-for-20 while Ryan Doumit is 8-for-26 against the San Diego starter. Chris Snyder and Ronny Cedeno both have decent numbers if you were so inclined. Harang was lit up by the Braves, but he has had four solid starts in his first five, posting two earned runs or less in those four outings.

Omar Vizquel is only 1-for-13 against Jeremy Guthrie and Alexei Ramirez is just 1-for-14 against him. Gordon Beckham, already struggling, is only 2-for-10. Carlos Quentin, A.J. Pierzynski and Alex Rios are solid starts in this one, all hitting better than .280 against the Baltimore starter with enough at-bats to be material.

Dustin Pedroia has been struggling at the plate and facing Jered Weaver tonight is not going to help him. Pedroia is just 3-for-16 against Weaver. David Ortiz and J.D. Drew are the best options available. Drew is 6-for-18 while Ortiz is 9-for-26 with two home runs. Nothing else special to report, but nothing that would be a red flag for your other Red Sox.

Your regular lineup of Brian McCann, Martin Prado, and Dan Uggla in Atlanta has not had much luck against Yovani Gallardo. The trio are a combined 6-for-37 against the pitcher, with all three having only two hits each to show for their trips to the plate. At 7-for-24, Nate McLouth is your best option available in this tilt.

Spot Starts: Buehrle, Leake

Tuesday Notes

Look to avoid Jay Bruce and his 1-for-20 against Wandy Rodriguez. Drew Stubbs is now much better, having just 1-for-13 marks. Brandon Phillips is the only other questionable start, having gone 8-for-35. Otherwise, there should be no concerns in starting your Reds against Rodriguez here. Votto is at .333 and Edgar Renteria is 5-for-10, leading the way for the Reds.

Look to use Alexei Ramirez against Francisco Liriano. Ramirez is 10-for-20 against him. Paul Konerko and A.J. Pierzynski are both north of .300 against the lefty. Look to avoid the struggles of Alex Rios here. Nothing else sticks out as a potential roadblock.

Jorge de la Rosa has held the Diamondbacks to a collective .254 average. That said, only the 5-for-14 of Ryan Roberts is good enough to be in your lineup here. Chris Young and Stephen Drew have both struggled dramatically, hitting .227 and .263 respectively. Justin Upton is only 3-for-13 as well. de la Rosa is 2-1 in his last three starts against Arizona, allowing five runs in 18.1 innings of work.

Ryan Dempster has been an unmitigated disaster so far this season, and the matchup against the Dodgers has some potential pitfalls as well. Andre Ethier is 7-for-19 and Juan Uribe is at .333 as well. Only James Loney's 1-for-13 stands out as a number that should be benched. Otherwise, use your Dodgers as you normally would.

Miguel Cabrera is 8-for-14 with two home runs against CC Sabathia and Ramon Santiago is 7-for-24. Those are the best numbers you will find in this one. Avoid your Tigers where you can. Specifically keep Jhonny Peralta and his 1-for-14 and Brandon Inge with his .179 in 56 at-bats away from your fantasy lineups.

Spot Starts: Davis, Dickey, Carmona

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