Atlanta Braves' Pitching Coach Roger McDowell Suspended For Two Weeks

Adam BernacchioAnalyst IIIMay 2, 2011

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL - FEBRUARY 21: Coach Roger McDowell #45 of the Atlanta Braves during Photo Day at  Champion Stadium at ESPN Wide World of Sports of Complex on February 21, 2011 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.  (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

It was a rough week last week for the Atlanta Braves off the field.

First RHP Derek Lowe was arrested for driving under the influence and now pitching coach Roger McDowell has been suspended for two weeks.

McDowell was suspended for two weeks without pay for inappropriate conduct toward fans before an April 23 game at San Francisco,  allegedly including anti-gay slurs and sexually suggestive comments.

Allegedly, McDowell simulated gay sex with a baseball to a family of four, which included two nine-year-old girls.

A couple of thoughts on this.

1. Very surprised McDowell didn’t lose his job over this. McDowell has always been a little off the wall going back to his days with the New York Mets. But this whole situation seems way out there to me.

I am not sure what prompted McDowell to go off like that, but very surprised that he still has his job with the Braves.

2. Justin Quinn, the father of the two nine-year-old twins is being represented by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred. Really? Gloria Allred needs to be hired for this? Seems a little extreme to me.

When you hire Allred, you come off as just a money chaser. Can’t wait until all of a sudden his kids are suffering from emotional damage due to McDowell’s actions and are suing him and the entire Braves’ organization for $10 million.