Ladies and Gentlemen... Not Your Superbowl Champs

David FloresContributor IOctober 14, 2008

What is wrong with the Giants!  My in-box on my Face-Book and E-mail is filling up with this question from friends, family, etc.  There is one problem...Plaxico Burress.  Many people reading this right now probably are disagreeing because "Plaxico is a great player".  Well after a suspension he is looking for the ball more often because he wants to prove a point.   The only point he proved this week against the Cleveland Browns was that the Giants should bench him more often.  The Giants threw to Burress eight times this week and he caught i only three times for 45 yards.  That is five throws that could have went to Toomer, Boss, Smith, or even Moss.  Burress is becoming the T.O of New York and the chemistry on the team is just going to fall apart with that attitude in the locker room.  I can not put all the blame on Burress because Manning threw three  interceptions but two of those were trying to be squeezed to Burress.

The NFC East is not getting any easier, Romo is out but Brad Johnson is very experienced and will not get caught up in Owens ego.  Earlier today (10.14.08) the Cowboys traded for Roy Williams former Lions elite Wide Receiver.  With all this going on hopefully the Giants can recover and win some more games.

-David Flores