WWE Extreme Rules Results: 10 Things We Learned from Rey Mysterio's Win

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIMay 2, 2011

WWE Extreme Rules Results: 10 Things We Learned from Rey Mysterio's Win

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    Dear post-Extreme Rules Bleachers,

    The event has passed and the landscape of WWE has drastically changed. 

    The forces of good apparently triumphed beyond expectations last night as America reveled in the apparent death of bin Laden (he doesn't deserve a first name), and John Cena once again stands tall as the WWE champion emerging victorious from his steel cage match against The Miz and John Morrison.

    Christian pinched his first world title by defeating Alberto Del Rio in a ladder match and finally silenced critics claiming he would never be allowed to have his time. 

    Kharma finally appeared and gave Michelle McCool her due for all the terrible things she has done over the last few years to her fellow Divas.

    Putting all that aside, there was one match I was really interested in seeing last night and the outcome, which I didn't enjoy, came as a shock to me.

    Rey Mysterio defeated his nemesis, Cody Rhodes, and now heads for Monday nights to enchant us all with his presence there.

    Since we are all asking why this was to be so, here is what I deducted from their encounter at Extreme Rules, 2011 edition.

Rey Mysterio and Cody Rhodes: Their Feud Is Now Over

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    Yes, ladies and gentlemen...we have a clear winner

    His name: The master of the 6-1-9.


    Rhodes may have won their initial battle at WrestleMania XXVII but their rematches were won by Mysterio.

    Now that they are on separate brands, there can be no rematch—technically speaking of course.

Rey Mysterio Wins Again: It Never Ceases

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    Penned as the "Ultimate Underdog" forever and always, Rey Mysterio has made it a career of being the guy who comes out on top despite the odds.

    He is already an established superstar and thus, didn't need the victory last night.

    They say he has quite an attitude and has been known to refuse planned outcomes when they didn't suit his desires.

    If I wasn't a believer then, I am now.

    At least I can say this: The Miz always won against him and Cody won on the grandest stage of them all.

Cody Rhodes Will Remain Strong

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    Cody Rhodes has a bright future ahead of him.

    He is alone on SmackDown when it comes to true "heels," as Alberto Del Rio, CM Punk and The Miz are on Raw.

    He can now remove his mask, maintain his "Dark Jedi Master" getup and declare himself the biggest bad guy of Friday nights.

    I don't like when people skip steps, as I would like for him to have an intercontinental championship reign before he reaches the top.

    It may happen yet. Perhaps there can be a fatal four-way match in which he wins. I just hate Wade Barrett with that belt right now. He does nothing for me, unlike Cody Rhodes.

    If not then, with Christian being the World Heavyweight Champion, it seems fitting that he will be challenging him to a title match in the near future.

    Would a feud with former ally Randy Orton or Ted DiBiase be in the works?

Rey Mysterio Can Hopefully Take Some Time off

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    He won and heads to Raw with no apparent feud on the way.

    Perhaps it is time for him to fade away a little bit and concentrate on healing his battered body.

    He is the father of young children and with Edge's retirement due to injury, it should be a warning sign. Do not tempt fate.

    Nobody deserves to spend the rest of their lives in a wheelchair.

    Like CM Punk, it seems he is unhappy with his status right now. According to Wrestlenewz.com, he is still unsure whether he will re-sign once his contract is up.

    Unless you help develop someone else's career—like Drew McIntyre, for example—please take some time for yourself Rey and do us all a favor.

    Come back when your mind is clear and your body is restored.

Mysterio on Monday Nights: Who's Next?

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    We will see in a few hours time what is next for the master of the 6-1-9.

    Cody Rhodes is on SmackDown, so that's done.

    Sin Cara is also on Friday nights, which means we will not be seeing that magical feud happen any time soon unless perhaps we get another Cyber Sunday-like soirée where we get a chance to vote for the matches we want.

    Who does that leave?

    CM Punk holds grudges and with Orton on SmackDown, perhaps he can shift his vengeance onto Rey Mysterio.

    Drew McIntyre is new to Raw. He should be given his time to shine and if Kofi and the US title aren't in his future, then have someone spectacular like Mysterio help push him further along.

    The Miz already holds two victories over him. I doubt they will take that route because Miz is still very much involved in the WWE title picture, whereas Mysterio is not.

    As surprised as I was to see Alberto Del Rio enter the Raw fold, could a revisiting of their feud be far down the road? Should Del Rio claim the title and Mysterio renegotiating his contract then I'd expect at least one or two matches together this year.

    There are limited things he can do with a bruised and broken body so I reiterate: Take time off, Rey!

Cody Rhodes Is Now a Well-Established Star

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    His feud with Rey Mysterio did him wonders.

    It was a wise and noble decision to pair them together because Cody Rhodes had everything to gain from this experience.

    Now the sky is the limit and I hope they carry on with this dark persona of his, as it definitely works for me.

    In turn, he can help bring up someone else—namely his former partner Ted DiBiase, who unfortunately hasn't met the same success over the last year.

    They made a great tag team and won the championship on two occasions. Could these two have the same chemistry as opponents?

    With Orton and DiBiase on SmackDown along with Rhodes, we could have a great angle regarding their past with The Legacy.

    Here is a verse from the Kylie Minogue song entitled "Stars:"

    "You never know what you'll find because, stars don't shine in singular places, so open up your mind's eye and light up familiar faces..."

    There is so much they could do for each other whether as friends of foes.

    I hope they all help put one another over to truly make them all superstars.

Oooh! Ohs! And Ahs!: The Fans Love Spectacular Spots

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    Call them "West-Coast Pops" or "Shooting Star Presses" or whatever you like—people get a rise out of those maneuvers.

    There are so many young, talented superstars in WWE now that model after Rey Mysterio and his high-flying activity.

    With the arrival of Sin Cara to the fold, there could come a time when the WWE finally decides to restore the once-flourishing Cruiserweight division.

    Rey Mysterio could lead them into the future as champion.

    Think of a ladder match for the new championship at SummerSlam featuring Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Evan Bourne, Tyson Kidd, Zack Ryder and Justin Gabriel to name a few.

    Would you want this match?

People Really Love Rey Mysterio

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    He may be difficult to deal with behind the scenes, but the fans love him and he loves them right back.

    It must not be easy to be a 5'6" 175-lb masked superstar in WWE, so for all its worth, I can understand why he is hard to deal with. He won't let someone push him around and that is respectable.

    There was a moment last night that caught my attention. His head-to-head salute with kids is really great. On top of that, he gives away his mask and shirt to a lucky fan, thus making their day even sweeter.

    Rey Mysterio may have only a few years left in this business but he will make every moment count.

    I may not agree with him hoarding the victories at the expense of my favorites, but I give him credit for all that he's accomplished and helped establish.

    Look for him to still be around in 2011.

Rey Mysterio and Cody Rhodes: Bringing the Best out of Each Other

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    Their feud may be over but they delivered us the best value in entertainment.

    I really enjoyed their matches and am sorry to see them head for separate brands.

    They have great chemistry together and both exceeded my expectations. I have to admit, I am not much of a Mysterio fan—I am a Rhodes fan—but I give them both praise for keeping me interested ever since their battle began.

    I can't wait to see where they take all this now.

The Ultimate Underdog: Still Packs a Nasty Bite

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    I mentioned he needs rest, but will he take that break?

    Despite everything, he can still take a bump and deliver a great match with just about anyone.

    He still hasn't captured the WWE championship in his illustrious career and has yet to do battle with recently-added sensation Sin Cara.

    Rey Mysterio is still a big name in this sport and his experience can help elevate any performer to superstardom.

    Love him or hate him, you have to give him his due. 

    Nobody can predict the future but one thing we learned from his win at Extreme Rules is this:

    He takes a back seat to no one.