Five Reasons Why This Yankees Fan Is Rooting for the Rays to Win It All

Brian BrennanContributor IOctober 14, 2008

1. I can’t deal with a team from Philadelphia or Boston winning a title, and Joe Torre winning it all puts way too much pressure on Girardi. Plus I don't like L.A., either! Too phony! I've never met a diehard Lakers or Dodgers fan.

You meet gruff, been-through-the-worst Yankees fans and Knicks fans, but never for the Dodgers or Lakers. Like I'm supposed to believe Tiger Woods is a diehard Dodgers fan!

2. They're my Grandpa's team. My grandpa is from Brooklyn and hasn't really found a team to follow since they moved to L.A. (another reason to hate the Dodgers).

The Mets and Red Sox wouldn't do it for him and neither would any of the other various teams he's liked over the last 50 years, so this year he settled on the Rays (before the season even started!) and he's been rewarded. I want to see him get something for once!

3. They're story is so likeable! They have the second-lowest payroll in baseball, yet through years of futility they've been able to build this team to go on the run they're on now.

4. Baseball in Tampa has, until this run, been a complete failure. It’s a football town, and even a hockey town (the Lightning have been a pretty good team), but now people are finally starting to get behind this team. I want to see baseball in Tampa last! This could be like that movie, the Final Season. (Of course, they ARE going to be in Tampa next season, but I'd like to see it survive.)

5. Could you really imagine the Tampa Bay Rays actually winning it all? I honestly think it would become the biggest upset in sports history! It’s going to be like the 1969 Mets for the modern generation.

Also, the Cubs haven't won in 100 years and it will have taken the Diamondbacks three years to win one, the Marlins four years to win one, and now the Rays 10 years! If I were a Cubs fan, I'd be pissed big time! 


So yeah, it’s got to be the Rays this year. Fellow Yankees fans (and baseball fans in general), let's jump on board and support this team the rest of the way!

Remember...9=8! (Whatever that means...I've watched pretty much every postseason game and I still have no clue what that means! Some Rays fan is going to have to explain it to me!)