John McCargo Traded by the Buffalo Bills to the Indianapolis Colts

Matt SchaeferCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2008

Buffalo Bills' defensive tackle John McCargo has played his last game in Buffalo as he was traded to the Indianapolis Colts for a fourth round draft pick today at the trade deadline.

McCargo struggled in his two-plus seasons with the Bills.  The former first round pick played in 25 games with the Bills, amassing 35 tackles and 2.5 sacks.

Many will label McCargo as a bust seeing as the Bills traded up in the 2006 draft to select him in the first round and he did not even start one game in his time with the team. He never played to his potential and was out shined by a fifth round selection, Kyle Williams, who is currently the Bills starting DT next to Marcus Stroud.  McCargo was also injured frequently and even reported to camp overweight this offseason.

This trade is not going to greatly impact the team seeing as McCargo was barely playing.  It will just give the Bills another draft pick at the end of the year to try to build on an already strong nucleus of young talent.  Stroud, Willams, and Spencer Johnson will be the main guys in the DT rotation. 

Former undrafted free agent Corey Mace is expected to take McCargo's spot on the roster.

On the Colts side of the trade, McCargo will likely start right for his new club.

Unless for some crazy reason you went out and bought a John McCargo jersey, no one in Buffalo is going to be angry with this trade.