What Went Wrong Last Night

Brian BrennanContributor IOctober 14, 2008

The unthinkable occured. It all looked so great to begin this year. But the 2008 New York Giants have lost. a. game!!! Oh no! Jump off the bandwagon everyone!

No need to panic. I really honestly feel the reason we lost this game is we weren't prepared. Cleveland played inspired football playing in front of a raucous crowd that had been waiting for this game all season. Oh yeah, and Eli had his worst game since Minnesota last year. I think we'll rebound. San Francisco isnt quite the powerhouse they used to be (if you haven't noticed by the lack of Jerry Rice and Joe Montana's on their team). JT O' Sullivan should get eaten alive. But didnt we say the same thing about the Cleveland Browns? Derek Anderson would get eaten alive, no good receivers, with an injured top line tight end? I'm suspicious about this game too.

After the game I put it into perspective. The 1985 Bears lost on Monday Night to a lesser opponent on the road too. Every team loses a game here and there. I just hope they dont make a habit of it!