Anyone Else Thankful for Jeff Burton?

Tanya TaylorCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2008

Thank you to Jeff Burton and even Greg Biffle! Thank you for stepping up and making the Chase an event to watch. 

The thoughts of Jimmie Johnson running away with his third championship or winning race after race (like last year) had me feeling down.

Nothing against Jimmie; I mean, I am not a Jimmie Johnson fan, but it does give us girls something nice to look at each Sunday.

It's just the ultimate domination he had last season was, well, BORING!  I felt like I didn't even have to watch the race, Jimmie was going to win it.  

I believe a big THANK YOU should be given to Richard Childress, Rousch, and Joe Gibbs Racing for giving Hendrick something to compete against this year.  

Even NASCAR deserves a big pat on the back for this new C.O.T. and for bringing the competition closer together.  

Being a great driver is only one part of being a champion, and this season has been proof. 

Keep it up, boys!  Keep us true NASCAR fans on the edge of our seat until Miami-Homestead. 

Make us think about every scenario that "could" be. Let us feel your passion for winning and make us want to be at every race.  Leave us dreaming about 2009!