WWE Extreme Rules Results: What's Next for Alberto Del Rio?

Rob PicarielloCorrespondent IMay 2, 2011

What is next for Alberto Del Rio?
What is next for Alberto Del Rio?

Last night at Extreme Rules, in what many are saying was the match that stole the show, Alberto Del Rio fell short in his quest to fulfill his destiny by losing to Christian in a ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Unlike his loss at WrestleMania, most of us saw this coming.

With Del Rio heading to Raw, the logical decision was to put the title on Christian and leave it on the SmackDown brand. Christian was also the sentimental favorite, seeing as his best friend Edge had been forced to retire and surrender the championship.

What's good about the outcome is that the WWE didn't make Del Rio come off as weak in the loss.

With Edge driving out in his personal car (which was a cool moment) and distracting Del Rio just long enough for Christian to recover and get the victory, it opens up the angle that Del Rio was screwed rather than beaten cleanly.

ADR's destiny has yet to come to fruition and as he begins his journey as a Raw superstar, he can now turn his attention to the WWE Championship.

The match last night did nothing to hurt his character and if anything, it put him over even more as a top heel in the company.

The only problem for Del Rio right now is the logjam of heels already on the Raw roster.

He will be competing for airtime with former WWE Champion The Miz, CM Punk, the rising R-Truth and even Michael Cole who is inexplicably continuing to take up huge chunks of time.

With The Miz most likely invoking his rematch clause for the Over The Limit pay-per-view which is less than three weeks away, Del Rio will most likely have to wait before getting his chance at the WWE title.

In the meantime, ADR could certainly enter into a small program with someone like Rey Mysterio where they could rekindle the feud that boiled over back in January.

There are (usually) only two spots in a WWE Championship match and with John Cena currently penciled in as the champion, that leaves one opening with a lot of superstars vying for the position.

Even if Del Rio has to bide his time before jumping back into the title picture, expect ADR to emerge as the leading candidate to be in the main event at SummerSlam and finally fulfill his destiny.

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