Can Boston Bounce Back?

Cory McDonaldContributor IOctober 14, 2008

After last night's Boston Beatdown a person has to wonder if the Red Sox are done?


Boston's starting pitching is suffering.  Josh Beckett and Jon Lester struggled against the young Rays batters.  Dice-K has done pretty good in the playoffs, but he can't keep giving the Rays 6 walks a game and Boston be successful.

Boston's scoring production is suffering.  Last night they couldn't score a run to save their lives.  It took until the 8th inning for them to manage one run. 

Can Boston bounce back?  Of course they can just look at 2004 against the Yankees, but they have some work to do.

Pedroia finally got out of his hitting slump last night with the only bright spot for Boston.  Big Papi is in a slump (0-10) and hasn't really hit since his wrist injury, but with Ortiz it only takes one good swing and his slump is over.  Jacoby Ellsbury is in a bad slump (0-14) and he hasn't really been close to a hit in awhile.  The Captain Jason Varitek hasn't hit in awhile either (0-10).  Those three bats being cold is a major reason they're down 2-1 in this series.

In game 4 Tim Wakefield takes the mound for Boston.  He's a good pitcher but he's no lights out kind of guy, so the Boston defense is going to have to be on their toes and their offense is going to have to get some runs on the board, so that Wakefield has a lead to work with because if Boston gets down with Wakefield on the mound I think they'll be in trouble with that talented team from Tampa.

Boston doesn't have pull out miracles........yet!  But, they have to get back to the team that was one of the most potent highest scoring teams in baseball.