Rolen Into Toronto: Blue Jays Pick Up a Gem at Third Base

Dino MoriAnalyst IJanuary 17, 2008

I'm looking forward to the upcoming baseball season in Toronto—especially with the off-season acquisition of third baseman Scott Rolen from St. Louis. 

The deal, which sent fellow 3B Troy Glaus to the Cardinals, improves an already good Blue Jays infield. 

Rolen is a seven-time Gold Glove player.  He has a tremendous arm and a decent bat when healthy.  

Rolen missed 50 games last year with a bum shoulder. 

He hit only eight homers and added 58 runs batted in during 2007.  He should improve those numbers this year, barring injury.

Specualtion has it that Toronto got rid of Glaus amid reports he dabbled with steroids.  But those allegations went unfounded. 

However, it begs the question: Did they trade the former Anaheim slugger because he was called to the red carpet and questioned about steriod use. Toronto, a clean cosmopolitan city, wants their organization to be portrayed as such.

Some may argue that Toronto is getting a headache in Rolen.  It has been no secret that Rolen and St. Louis manager Tony LaRussa didn't like each other.  Ever since the 2006 playoffs, when LaRussa benched him, the two have been at odds. When LaRussa signed a two-year extension, Rolen told the Cards to get the ball "Rolen" on a trade. 

Hopefully, the change of uniforms will be best for both sides.