WWE Extreme Rules Results: 10 Things We Learned from Christian's Win

Josh Logan@@IAMCalamityAnalyst IMay 6, 2011

History has been made at WWE Extreme Rules!

The higher-ups of the WWE Creative team and Vince McMahon himself have made Christian the NEW World Heavyweight Champion.

This is the day the IWC has been waiting for for the last three years.

From this match we have learned 10 things.

No. 10: Christian wasn't going to win the match without help from Edge

Edge rode down in a Jeep and distracted Alberto Del Rio long enough for Christian to regain control of the match and grab the Championship.

The WWE needed Edge to help get Christian over, because as of the week of the PPV, backstage sources said that Del Rio was going to win the belt.

No. 9: Christian will be a transitional Champion

With Randy Orton moving over to SmackDown and Alberto Del Rio leaving, as well as the higher-ups not viewing Christian as a viable Champion, he will be used as a transition Champion.

I hope they realize he can be much more than that, but we will just have to wait and see.

No. 8: There is still hope for self-made Superstars

It is a well-known fact that Christian made his character himself. He pushed himself, got fans all by himself and won over the IWC.

With Christian getting the strap, the WWE has shown that there still might be a glimmering hope for the likes of Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins and Trent Barreta, but mainly Zack.

No. 7: Alberto Del Rio will be waiting a while for his Championship

If he didn't win it at WrestleMania, then he must have been getting it at Extreme Rules, but he didn't, so it doesn't seem likely that he will get a big shot at the Championship any time soon.

With The Miz and Jack Swagger, along with Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio has fallen into a land of high ranked competition.

On SmackDown there was Edge, Christian and himself.

Other than a great build against Cena, Del Rio might find himself on the road to obscurity, lost in the drones of RAW.

No. 6: Brodus Clay will get a big push in the next year

With the amount of his usage in the Christian/Del Rio story line and his athletic ability, it seems that Brodus Clay might be getting a nice push into a title scene soon.

With SmackDown now being a big-man show, with a whole lot of little men strewn throughout, it looks like Brodus just might have his way with a lot of the littler competition to build him towards a title.

No. 5: There won't be a Title Unification again for a long while

If ever there was a chance to unify the Championships, it would have been to merge them, with Alberto Del Rio bringing the title to RAW and having him defend it against the other Champion.

But with Christian keeping the WHC on SmackDown, there won't be a story line close to that in a long while, if ever again.

No. 4: Edge will still be around on WWE Television

With Edge making an appearance just to help Christian get over the hump, we might see the Rated-R Superstar come to SmackDown here and there in a new role.

It would be great to see Teddy Long stroll off into the wrestling sunset and let Edge take over as the NEW SmackDown general manager.

But I doubt that is happening. Too bad—you might get a much more interesting SmackDown show.

No. 3: Christian might be turning heel

The WWE has made it clear that Randy Orton will be SmackDown's top face and that SmackDown is in need of a top heel.

Who better to turn heel than Christian? It might be a little far-fetched, but do we really want to see Mark Henry or The Great Khali as the top heel of a brand again?...I think not.

No. 2: Alberto Del Rio and The Miz will be fighting over who the top heel is on RAW

The Miz is the top heel on RAW with CM Punk and his New Nexus not too far behind, but now a third TOP heel is being brought into the mix.

Does this mean someone is going to turn face?

Or just that three top heels on one brand is better than no top heels on the other?

Whatever it means, the tides of RAW are changing, and The Miz and Alberto Del Rio are going to be waging war over who is the most vindictive, sinister heel on RAW.

No. 1: SmackDown is in rebuilding mode

SmackDown is now rebuilding its brand—that is what we learned from the Christian-Del Rio match.

The most popular figure on the show, Del Rio (arguably), has moved to Raw without a title, and there needs to be a new top heel on the brand.

Christian winning the belt really shows a shift in the creative team's thinking, and it opens doors for underutilized Superstars.

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