WWE Extreme Rules 2011: Christian Finally Wins the Big One

Kevin StonebargerCorrespondent IIMay 2, 2011

Let the IWC rejoice, as at Extreme Rules, Christian finally pulled off the big one as he defeated Alberto Del Rio in a Ladder Match to win his first-ever World Heavyweight Championship.

Before this monumental victory, no superstar deserved to win the world title more than Christian. He had accomplished everything else there was to do in his career.

He was a former Intercontinetal, Hardcore, European and ECW Champion. He was a nine-time Tag Team Champion, and was part of one of the greatest tag teams ever, Edge and Christian. He helped revolutionize ladder matches and made TLC famous.

But despite all of these accomplishments, he was never able to win the World Heavyweight Championship in the WWE...until Extreme Rules.

Ever since returning from a torn pectoral injury that Del Rio took credit for, Christian has been red-hot as of late. He looked closer to the world title than ever, and we were all begging for Christian to finally have his moment. When Edge was forced to retire and relinquish the world title, Christian stepped up to take his spot at Extreme Rules against Del Rio.

The anticipation for the ladder match between the two was off the charts, as neither man ever held a world title prior to the match; and with Del Rio being drafted to Raw, it only added to the excitement and intrigue of the match.

For years, Christian had faced many obstacles and odds that really stopped him from achieving his dream. From Vince not liking Christian for leaving TNA, to WWE not viewing him as a main-eventer, to injuries that derailed his momentum, Captain Charisma had a mountain in front of him that did not seem possible to climb.

But at Extreme Rules, Christian defied all the odds and climbed to the top of the mountain.

Christian not only achieved his dream, but he stole the show at Extreme Rules in an amazing ladder match. His victory earned him one of the biggest pops in recent memory, and in a very emotional moment, he celebrated his historical win with his long-time best friend Edge.

Now, you could say that he wouldn't have won the title if Edge wasn't forced to retire. You could say that it was just luck or something else, but what happened happened. And I believe that Edge couldn't have been any happier when he saw his best friend finally achieve the world title.

For me, it may have been the greatest mark-out moment I have ever experienced. I have followed Christian's journey ever since he returned and have become one of his biggest fans. Along with John Morrison, he has become my favorite wrestler.

When I saw him unhook the world championship, I exploded in passion and joy, marking out like I have never marked out before.

Christian proved all the naysayers and critics wrong by finally climbing to the top of the mountain and can now join the likes of RVD, Benoit, Eddie and Mysterio as a man who finally achieved his dream after years of hard work and dedication to the business.

Christian has finally won the big one! Congratulations Christian, you deserve it!