WWE Extreme Rules Results: What's Next For Layla After Beating Michelle McCool?

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WWE Extreme Rules Results: What's Next For Layla After Beating Michelle McCool?

Moment's ago, Layla El defeated her former LayCool partner, Michelle McCool, in a "No Disqualifications, Loser Leaves WWE" match. It was a solid, lengthy match up and accomplished everything that needed to be accomplished.

Layla was put over, made her official face turn, and got a fan following in the process. Very good indeed. But that begs the question; what's next for the British-born Diva? Will she continue her face run as the top Diva on Smackdown? Or will she head over to Raw for the Divas Title?

Many possibilities presented themselves tonight when the right woman won, but there are many things I'd personally love to see myself.

For one, you could have Layla feud with the now-debuted Kharma, previously Awesome Kong. Let me fill you in. Post-match Kharma made her debut and laid out Michelle with a vicious Implant Buster. That, I would assume, makes her a tweener, because a face wouldn't necessarily do that, and that means a heel attacked another heel before our very eyes.

So, I propose WWE have Kharma mow over the Raw Divas Division (with some hard-fought battles, of course) before having her ask for 'more competition'. A usual angle in wrestling. This could then transition into a freshly-turned Layla taking on her. Now it'd be hard to believe that one Miss Layla El could take someone of Kharma's strength and size down, which is why she really needs to step her game up in that ring.

Layla did good tonight, no doubt. But she could've done so much better!

Whatever the case, changes are a-comin' to the Divas lockerroom, and I can't wait to see them!

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