Is It Bad Luck Being Number One in College Football?

Matt SheaCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2008

Times are getting tougher to stay at the top, as we have seen so much of this season in college football. Number one seems to be a dead-end proposition. I think much of the polls are slanted one way or the other by who's running them in some cases.

Referring back to this week in football, we saw a very bold move by the pollsters. Texas, who was number five at the time, did something awesome and outlasted Oklahoma.

I think the jump to No. 1 may be the downfall of most teams though, because they, whether they acknowledge it or not, still have it in the back of their heads that they are what they are.

I think Mack Brown is a good enough coach to lead them to victory over Missouri, yet the other side of me is thinking, "Surely this is a powerful team as well." Yet I find it hard to believe that they ranked this team No. 1 and let another team jump over what should be No. 1 Alabama.

The days of Florida State, for example, being undefeated and having only ONE more game to be undefeated and feeling uncertain yet confident are over. What happens if the Tigers win in Texas and Alabama loses? Are they then number 1?

Come on, pollsters and BCS Judges, get real! It was too big of a jump, way too soon! But I will pull for the Longhorns if I'm home from work and are watching them.

I believe one of the two featured QBs will win the Heisman this year unless Beanie Wells gets 1,200 yards in the last five games of their season, which I can't see happening! Penn State's the spoiler there.