WWE Extreme Rules Results: What Next for Last Man Standing Randy Orton?

Carrie DunnAnalyst IIMay 1, 2011

We can see the future of the company now. And Randy Orton is it.

In the space of the past month, he's had a Wrestlemania win, multiple live show wins, and a draft over to Smackdown.

His role will basically be to take the place of Edge on that side of the roster, and he will do it well - both faces, but faces who act like heels and get cheered for it.

And the company's commitment to Orton's supremacy is evident.

This week's Smackdown allowed Orton to bury both Drew McIntyre and Alex Riley in the opening moments of the show, and then triumph over Alberto del Rio and Brodus Clay by the end, reminding us all that he is the new force for Friday nights.

His repeated victories over Punk emphasize that further. Extreme Rules was set up as a Wrestlemania rematch, as was Raw in London, but the result was the same each time. Orton emerged triumphant every time, wheeling out repeated RKOs and demonstrating that few people can counter that, and certainly not the Straight-Edge Saviour, no matter how many times he attempted the GTS.

Long-term, this demonstrates the direction of the company. John Cena may rule all on the Raw side of the brand, but Orton is going to take on the same role over in the blue corner. Yes, it may mean he wins matches that he really doesn't deserve to, and wheels out signature moves more often than we really want to see, but this is our top man for the foreseeable future.