Detroit Lions Trade WR Roy Williams to Dallas Cowboys

Scott RiegerAnalyst IOctober 14, 2008

Well, it was a good run! Roy Williams has been, by far, the most productive player for the Detroit Lions over the past few years and the only Matt Millen first-round pick to live up to expectations. The jury is still out on Calvin Johnson. The sad part is that the Lions now have selected a WR in the first round in four of the past six drafts, with only one still on the team. 

Now let the rebuilding begin. The Lions have been blown out repeatedly this year and need to build for the future. That is why I am not surprised nor upset by this move. The only thing that currently is still up in the air is exactly what the Lions received in return. 

I've heard that it's multiple picks, but some reports have it as a first-round pick and change, while others are reporting lower picks spread over two seasons, '09 and '10.

Let's hope that the Lions didn't give away a beast WR for a box of rocks. It's both a sad and happy day if you are a Lions fan. I wish Roy and his 261 catches, 3,882 yds, and 29 TDs the best in Dallas. Hopefully Terrell Owens and Roy can get along there.

It's Calvin's time to shine!