WWE Extreme Rules Results: 20 Things We Learned

Buzz M.@@KingofbuzzersAnalyst IMay 2, 2011

WWE Extreme Rules Results: 20 Things We Learned

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    Hello, Buzzers, Buzz is back.

    WWE Extreme Rules is now over, and I think it's fair to say that it was good PPV that had some solid matches.

    Now we're getting ready for RAW tonight as Rock will return to celebrate his birthday with the the WWE Universe.

    I guess most members here are familiar with my post-event articles by now.

    In the next slides, I'll break down 20 things we learned from Extreme Rules.

    All said and done, let the show begin.

1. Faces Were Heavily and Notably Favored in This PPV

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    Out of all the matches, one match only ended with a heel side winning. The rest of the matches all ended with faces winning (and I counted Layla's win, too, considering the good side she showed before the match).

    This was something I was already thinking about as we headed into the PPV. Most of the matches seemed to be in favor of the good guys. While I had different expectations for some matches, the overall concept was too obvious.

    I know that people like to see the good guys winning in the end, but it wouldn't have hurt to see some more super heroes coming up short.

    And the more interesting part is the fact that the only heel who won was the current most annoying man in WWE, and his win came against one of the most loved men in WWE. Maybe WWE thought that this would be enough to balance the heel-face victories.

    Anyway, WWE might want to send their fans home happy, but over-happiness can still be harmful too.

    Joking aside, this PPV can only be described as the night of super heroes and the nightmare of villains.

2. Orton Kept His Momentum as He Moved to Smackdown

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    What did you expect from Randy Orton last night? Let me summarize his status prior to the match so that you can judge the whole issue clearly.

    Most wrestling sites has been stating that Edge's retirement made the WWE officials rush the WWE Draft so that they can fix the SmackDown roster by drafting a top superstar there.

    With Randy Orton being the drafted man, it was obvious he was moved to the blue brand so that he can fill the void left by Edge.

    The Viper has been having a notable run for months, and momentum was remarkably on his side during his rivalry against CM Punk.

    With this said, did you expect him to lose and slow down this momentum? Did you expect to see the man who's going to SmackDown to become their top superstar lose while making this move? I'm sure that most of you answered with "No."

    Therefore, I guess it's fair to say that Orton's victory was an obvious and an expected conclusion so that he can keep his momentum high as he heads towards a new competition.

    The match was great in my opinion, and the two superstars were so close on more than one occasion. But in the end, WWE's Apex Predator was able to prevail after hitting a top-rope RKO that was enough to keep Punk down for the 10-count.

3. CM Punk's PPV Losing Streak Continues

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    Once again, CM Punk finds himself on the losing end live on pay-per-view. It has become a tradition to watch him lose in PPV matches. He's been having a ridiculous and long-running PPV losing streak in the past months.

    Do you remember when was the last time Punk won a PPV match? Believe it or not, it was more than one year ago (on April 25, 2010), when he defeated Rey Mysterio at Extreme Rules (last night's same PPV).

    And even before this PPV, he was already going on another losing streak as his last win went back to Breaking Point 2009 (September 13) when he earned a shocking victory against the Undertaker in a submission match (you all know the story of this match so no need for recaps).

    Ever since his heel turn, and right after his epic feud against Jeff Hardy, CM Punk has been unlucky against top superstars. Despite leading stables and getting enough airtime, he never had a remarkable moment that can make people take him seriously again.

    The only time he looked to be having a good feud was against John Cena, and, unfortunately, WWE dropped the ball with this rivalry.

    The good thing about him was the fact that he stayed relevant despite being booked as a joke in some rivalries.

    I don't know if he's supposed to compete for the longest PPV losing streak record, but such a run doesn't fit a superstar who's supposed to be a top heel.

    It is said that Punk might be taking some time off for now, and I can't blame him here. I'm still not sure if he's leaving for real. He could have been punted by Orton at least so that they can make it more legit. Who knows? Will this happen tonight?

    I hope he doesn't leave, but if he does, I hope it's not for long. He's one of the few WWE superstars I enjoy watching right now.

4. The Two Mid-Card Titles Issue Has Been Settled

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    I guess we all expected this to happen sooner or later. After the end of RAW's live WWE Draft, and later, the Supplemental Draft, SmackDown found itself with the two mid-card titles as the US Champion, Sheamus, moved to the blue brand. This meant that RAW had no more secondary titles.

    That wasn't the first time we see two champions from the same card wrestling on one brand. We even saw two world champions on the same show before. WWE always found a way to fix things directly, though, and tonight was no exception.

    In a somehow great tables match, Kofi Kingston was able to defeat Sheamus and win his second US Title. As a result, the title has been moved back to RAW.

    I won't read much through this result and how it might affect each superstar. I'll just wait and see. For now, I'll consider that this match was booked just to bring back the US Title to RAW and keep the Intercontinental Title on SmackDown.

5. Michael Cole Shocked the WWE Universe Again

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    Are we witnessing a new PPV winning streak for Michael Cole? How long will this go? Will he end up challenging the Undertaker at WrestleMania 28?

    Enough sarcasm and let's get real.

    Once again, Michael Cole earned yet another shocking PPV victory as he was able to pin the Good Ol' JR in a Country Whipping tag-team match.

    Last month, Cole defeated Jerry "The King" Lawler on WWE's grandest stage, WrestleMania 27. Though the win was via disqualification, it was still surprising given the fact that all predictions were on Lawler's side prior to the event.

    Last night wasn't different. All predictions were on JR and Lawler's side but Cole was able to put all anticipations down and snatch the victory for his team. The match wasn't special and wasn't close to being called a decent match.

    However, we all know that it was booked to serve a certain purpose (which I'm still not able to determine).

    And again, Cole added some comedy to the match when he entered while covered in bubble wrap that was torn off later during the bout.

    I wonder if this rivalry will go on, but it doesn't seem to be ending soon.

6. Jerry Lawler Might Regret the Fact That He Got into the Ring Again

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    When Jerry Lawler started wrestling again, we all said that this was done as an honor to his career as he neither had a WWE Title match before nor did he have a WrestleMania moment.

    But after few months, I'm beginning to wonder if Lawler is benefiting from this so-called honor.

    When he first challenged the Miz for the WWE title, he put a good match (given his age) and he was even close to win the WWE Championship if it hadn't been for Cole's interference.

    Even at the Elimination Chamber PPV, Lawler was able to put another good match against Miz despite failing in the end.

    After this, Lawler's feud against Cole became official. As we headed into WrestleMania, we thought that Lawler was finally going to get a big moment on the Big Daddy of them all.

    However, things went in a different direction as Lawler lost via disqualification and we didn't witness the exact moment we expected.

    One month later, Lawler found himself on the losing side again.

    Many people criticized the idea of having Lawler wrestle again, but they all understood the idea and purpose of this move. But now that he's losing to a non-wrestler, they might reconsider their thoughts.

    I wonder if that's the moment Lawler was expecting when he got involved in matches again.

7. Jim Ross Might Wish He Stayed in His Barbeque Sauce Shop

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    After a lengthy hiatus, Jim Ross made his triumphant return and joined the Lawler/Cole rivalry. He also commentated on some matches at Wrestlemania and RAW.

    However, during most of his confrontations against Cole, JR looked like a joke and was humiliated on more than one occasion.

    From being locked in ankle locks to being squirted with BBQ sauce (which got in his eye) by Cole, in addition to being beaten on more than one occasion and even injuring his hand, things looked horrible for JR. Even last night, he was the one pinned in the match.

    I know that this is all part of entertainment, but JR is one of the best commentators, and it's painful to see him treated this way. I'll never wish to be in his place.

    Do you think JR might regret this return later?

8. Rey Mysterio Deosn't Seem to Be Leaving Anytime Soon

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    In another great match, Rey Mysterio was able to defeat Cody Rhodes in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

    Now the title here might sound weird and irrelevant but I'll explain. Prior to WrestleMania 27, many news on numerous wrestling sites claimed that Mysterio is willing to retire soon.

    It was even said that he handpicked Cody Rhodes to be his Wrestlemania opponent so that he can put him over before he leaves.

    However, a few days later, Rey Mysterio denied all rumors and said that he still has two to three years left in him.

    However, some people were still skeptical about this as Mysterio has become more injury-prone in the last few years.

    Despite losing at Wrestlemania, Mysterio was able to retaliate and win last night. Furthermore, the Master of 619 was drafted to RAW last Monday.

    With this said, many people might lean towards the idea that he might not be going anywhere for now. After all, he moved to the A-Show with some momentum gained from last night's match.

    Could this be done so he can be given one more decent run before he retires? Maybe. But for now, he doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

9. Cody Rhodes' Momentum Might Have Slowed but He's Still on the Right Track

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    I know that many people feel that a victory for Rhodes could have been better for him as it could have further pushed his status. However, a superstar doesn't always have to win in order to solidify his status as he can still be put over even if he loses.

    Cody Rhodes was able to keep himself relevant after moving to Smackdown last year due to the "Dashing" gimmick he adopted. He went on with this character until he faced Rey Mysterio and injured his nose (kayfabe).

    A few weeks after his nose injury segment, Rhodes returned with a new masked and twisted gimmick. This character further pushed his heel character and it made him more eligible for high-profile feuds.

    He was able to work well with it and was able to defeat Mysterio at WrestleMania 27. In the following weeks, and as we headed into Extreme Rules, Rhodes kept cutting interesting promos and he introduced paper bags to the fans. He even covered Mysterio's head with one of them after beating him.

    Unfortunately for Rhodes, he came up short against Mysterio last night after a great match. Mysterio's victory wasn't easy as he had to use a green mist in order to win.

    Now that Mysterio is moving to RAW, I'm not sure if this feud will go on. But Rhodes was definitely elevated after this rivalry. I would even add that a victory at Wrestlemania is certainly better than a victory at another normal PPV.

    Let's wait and see what's next for Cody Rhodes.

10. Layla Was Succesful in Getting the Fans Behind Her

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    So after more than one year, Laycool finally broke up. I guess we were all waiting to see this in the end, and, as expected, Layla turned face in the process.

    Despite being so annoying most of the times, we have to admit that they were the only relevant Divas on the show. They were involved in most Divas rivalries and they even dominated the division for a while.

    And even though they teased their split more than one time, they always annoyed us by making up and going on with their gimmicks.

    However, things began to change in their last month. McCool started saying that she's tired of Layla because she hasn't shown any improvement. Of course, I completely disagree with her, but I know that it was part of the storyline.

    In the end, things blew between the BFFs as McCool finally attacked Layla, who was trying hard to keep their friendship alive.

    After few encounters, including a match on Smackdown, the two agreed to meet in a no-disqualification and no-count-out match. McCool added a "loser leaves WWE" stipulation to make the match even more interesting. During this time, fans started getting behind Layla since she was one being oppressed in this rivalry.

    Before the match, Layla apologized to the other Divas backstage and further pushed her face status. The Divas even wished her good luck.

    After a somehow good match in Divas terms, Layla was able to win and keep her spot on the show. Her victory was met with a loud ovation by the fans.

    It will be interesting to see what the British Diva will do now that she's on her own.

    Before I go on, I'd like to note that my debut article was about Laycool's co-championship win. It was written nearly one year ago. Two months later, I wrote another article about them after chaos occurred between both Divas. In both articles I expected them to split soon—I never expected them to last this long.

11. Michelle McCool Has Officially Left WWE

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    Everything should come to an end.

    After three years of dominance and countless victories, including impressive ones against the likes of Natalya, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix and Melina, in addition to numerous Divas Title reigns, Michelle McCool will finally leave WWE (at least for now).

    Whether you like her or not, and whether she deserves it or not, nobody can deny the fact that she had an impressive run that hasn't been seen in years.

    Whether as a face or as a heel, McCool never had a problem in staying on top of the Divas Division. She was even named as 2010's best female wrestler of the year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine.

    I'll admit that she really improved in the ring as she can now put some good and watchable matches.

    Prior to the PPV, many rumors spread around the wrestling sites and stated that McCool might leave WWE for a while. Most reports attributed the reason of her departure to the Undertaker, as she had to spend some time with him during his recovery.

    Last week's Smackdown episode was even edited in order to change the stipulations of the match. Originally, it was supposed to be a loser-leaves-Smackdown, but WWE edited the taping later and made it loser-leaves-WWE instead.

    Now that McCool has left, it will be interesting to see how the Divas Division will look since most fans were accusing her of ruining the section. Even though I've never been a fan of her, I'll admit that she'll be missed.

    Anyway, I think that Divas will have to focus on another major issue as there is a major big problem facing them now that will overshadow Laycool's split. We'll have a better idea about this in the next slide.

12. Kharma Finally Arrived and Made a Quick Impact

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    Five months after signing to WWE, Kharma (TNA's former Awesome Kong) has finally made her long-awaited debut.

    After Laycool's match, and as Michelle McCool was crying in the ring, we heard the familiar laugh and out came the monstrous woman. She quickly attacked the helpless Diva and knocked her off.

    Some people said that attacking a heel means that she debuted as face. But I disagree with everybody saying this because the purpose of this attack wasn't about being heel or face. It's more about sending a message to all the other Divas.

    It was obvious from her creepy vignettes that she's coming to destroy the whole Divas in WWE. The blond doll was a reference to all the current WWE Divas and the particular form they represent.

    After she attacked McCool, Divas were shown backstage shocked and worried about what they just saw.

    Now I'm not sure if she'll attack all the Divas without differentiating between heels and faces. Maybe she'll focus on the baby faces in the next few weeks.

    But one thing we know, she was able to make a quick impact after her appearance and all the Divas should take notice by now.

13. Christian Stole the Show and Finally Won the Big One on WWE!

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    That was the match I've been looking forward to and, in my opinion, it was the match of the night. In the end, Christian was finally able to win his first ever WWE World Title after a historic night.

    For more than 10 years, Christian has been involved in countless great and amazing matches whether in tag-teams or as singles competitor.

    He was able to win nearly all championships available and the only title missed in his resume was a World Title.

    We all heard the stories about Vince McMahon never being a fan of Christian and that he never regarded him as a World Champion material. His movement to TNA only further diminished any possibility for him to win any WWE World Title if he returned.

    Once he came back, he had a solid run at WWE's ECW but that wasn't the push we were looking forward to.

    Once the Extreme Show ended, Christian moved to RAW and later to Smackdown, and he went back to struggling again.

    It was only until Edge's retirement that he finally had his biggest chance to win his first ever World Championship, and he didn't waste this opportunity.

    Whatever happens next, we can finally call Captain Charisma World Champion, and all the peeps can now be proud. They can also brag about him winning World Titles on both WWE and TNA.

    I wrote my thoughts about this match prior to the show. You can click here and check the article.

14. Edge's Wish Has Finally Come True

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    Christian's victory and celebration wouldn't be complete without having Edge join the party to congratulate his longtime friend.

    It was said that Edge tried more than once to push Christian to the main event but was always met with denials. He even insisted that they face off at WrestleMania 27, but his requests were never heard.

    Now I'm not certain about those rumors and we'll never know how things would have gone between both superstars had Edge never retired. Maybe there were plans for a feud between the two friends. Unfortunately, as I said, we'll never know what the plans were.

    Most rumors might not be right, but I'm sure Edge did want see Christian win the World Title at a certain moment.

    Last night, the Rated "R" Superstar interfered in the match and distracted Alberto Del Rio and allowed Christian to capitalize and climb the ladder to grab the World Heavyweight Championship.

    I guess that the whole rivalry was built around Edge's retirement, and the win might be a tribute to him. But in the end, Christian has finally won and Edge's wish has finally come true.

15. Alberto Del Rio's Destiny Has Been Delayed Once Again

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    Once again, Alberto Del Rio couldn't fulfill his destiny, as it was delayed for another date. But this time, we somehow expected this.

    After losing to Edge at WrestleMania 27, predictions were on Del Rio's side as he headed towards Extreme Rules. However, the sudden retirement of Edge shook the whole rivalry and even the whole roster.

    Christian directly replaced Edge after winning a Battle Royal match on Smackdown and expectations started going in a different direction. Moreover, Del Rio's movement to RAW increased Christian's chances of winning the match so that he could keep the title on the blue show.

    I won't go into this a lot because I already discussed it in my preview article, but it seems that Del Rio's destiny has been a victim of surrounding circumstances.

    It seemed that Del Rio would have won this match hadn't it been for the sudden events that took place. He might have even won the title at Wrestlemania had Edge done the checkups prior to the event.

    Anyway, Del Rio didn't look weak during the match and he took some major bumps. I'm sure he'll have a notable run on RAW, and WWE definitely moved him there because they have big plans for him in the future.

    So Alberto's destiny might have been delayed for now but it will certainly be fulfilled in the near future.

16. The Corre Exceeded the Joke Level

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    What can be said about the Corre? What is there left for them to do? They could have been utilized much better, but since they're being booked horribly why not end the whole thing already?

    I would have said that they are becoming more of a joke, but unfortunately, they even exceeded this level a while ago.

    Last night, a tag-team match between the team of Kane and Big Show and the Corre's Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson was added in a last-minute announcement. Of course, such announcements have become a tradition in WWE.

    Just like Wrestlemania, the Corre were destroyed again even though the match was a bit longer this time.

    Now I know I'm going a bit far here. I do realize that Jackson showed a solid performance, but the team as a whole isn't working anymore, and the mis-connection between members has become repetitive.

    Furthermore, Barrett was RAW's top heel last year, and that's not the way he should be booked. Even Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater received their share of beating after the contest.

    The tag-team division is still in a very poor state, but if WWE don't want to utilize their stables then why keep them and ruin their future?

    Anyway, the match was a lumberjack match, and maybe they did this so that all superstars can appear on this PPV. Who knows? Maybe some of them might be released once the spring cleaning arrives.

17. John Morrison's Parkour and Flashy Moves Saga Continues

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    Once again, John Morrison finds himself added to RAW's main event match, and once again, his involvement was to serve the "flashy" moves purpose.

    It seems that Morrison's destiny is to compete in matches where he can throw some cool spots before losing in the end, especially if the matches were for the World Titles.

    I don't need to go through this again. Whether in Elimination Chambers, Falls Count Anywhere, Ladder Matches, Steel Cage Matches or any other high-profile matches, the same thing should be expected from the Shaman of Sexy.

    Last night was no different. Two hours before the show, we saw Morrison doing some parkour training. Of course, we were already expecting to see his flashy moves, but after seeing this, our expectations were only confirmed.

    During the match, he awkwardly landed on the cage door and it really looked painful. Later, he performed an amazing starship pain from the top of the cage onto both Miz and Cena.

    However, he couldn't escape due to R-Truth's interference. The rest was history.

    Morrison has been competing in countless major matches in the past few months, but I'm not sure if he'll ever be able to win the World Title instead being thrown into the matches just for "flashy" reasons.

18. R-Truth Further Pushed His Heel Status

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    Ever since his heel turn, Truth's character has become more interesting to watch. Last night, he just further pushed his heel character.

    Earlier during the event, R-Truth cut an amazing heel promo backstage stating that he's been a victim of conspiracy.

    Later, he interfered in the main event and attacked John Morrison and prevented him from winning the match. He even attacked John Cena.

    Will he face Cena in the near future? Nobody knows. His heel character is certainly going well and it might lead to a World Title feud in the future.

19. The Era of Awesomeness Has Come to an End

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    After more than five months filled with various matches against old and young superstars, Miz's reign came to an end last night.

    Even though I'm not a big fan of Miz, I have to say that his title reign was interesting and I disagree with people who believe that it was weak.

    I think it really fit his character and skills given the feuds and rivalries he was involved in.

    Furthermore, he was able to overtake many former WWE Champions with one reign only.

    I never expected a lot from his reign and it lasted longer than I thought. I know that many fans wanted him to keep the title for a longer time, but who knows what the future holds for him? Miz has definitely earned the respect of WWE officials, and I'm sure that we haven't seen the last from him.

    During the match, Miz received a scary double suplex by both Morrison and Cena, and he awkwardly landed on the back of his neck. Thankfully, he was able to continue and nothing major happened to him.

    Anyway, whatever happens later, we can only say that the Era of Awesomeness has ended for now, and a new era has begun.

20. The Champ Is Back!

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    Yes, the new era is the Era of the Champ!

    Well, technically speaking, it's not a new era as we witnessed it nine times before. However, Cena waited for nearly a year to regain the WWE Title. During this year, he was involved in a major rivalry against Nexus that lasted for several months.

    The match wasn't bad, and all superstars had their fair share of attacks, close pinfalls and escapes. In the end, Cena hit Miz with an Attitude Adjustment from the top of the ropes.

    Now that the Cena won, there are many possible opponents who might face him. Of course, Miz is still the major opponent as he'll certainly claim his rematch clause.

    If he manages to beat the Miz later, there will be other heels waiting for their turn, and Alberto Del Rio is the first man to come to my mind. R-Truth can't be counted out unless he turns into a joke later. We also have CM Punk if he manages to stay.

    Anyway, we'll have to wait and see what's next for Cena, but right now, we can only say, "The Champ is here!"

The End

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    Stay tuned for tonight as the Rock will be celebrating his birthday on RAW with the WWE Universe. It will be interesting to see how the celebration will go.

    Thanks for reading and I'll be glad to read your thoughts and comments.