WWE Extreme Rules: Why Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio Should Main Event

William SmithContributor IIIMay 1, 2011

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

Tonight is WWE's annual post-WrestleMania PPV, Extreme Rules, and while the entire concept of every match having a special stipulation is the main selling point, WWE didn't really need it with a match like Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio taking place.

It's the match that seems to have generated the most interest out of all the matches on the card, and it wasn't even the match that was originally supposed to take place.

After WrestleMania, it was set that Edge would once again defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Del Rio at Extreme Rules. This time, in a Ladder match (a specialty of the "Rated-R Superstar").

Now, everyone was shocked when Del Rio didn't win the title at WrestleMania, but that just seemed to make it even more certain that he would win the title at Extreme Rules.

However, fate (or destiny, in Del Rio's case) took a turn and Edge was forced to retire due to some serious injuries. This appeared to mean that WWE's plans were ruined and they would have to scramble to find a replacement. Luckily, there was Christian.

Christian, a man who was not only Edge's tag team partner, but is also his best friend of 27 years. And also, a man who has plenty of history with Del Rio, who put Christian on the shelf for six months last September.

Christian's been on fire since his return and has even defeated Del Rio a few times.

Now, in order to achieve something has eluded him throughout his entire career, Christian must once again defeat Del Rio. The "peeps" will all be cheering and standing, rooting for "Captain Charisma" to finally reach the top of the mountain and become world champion.

All this while there are numerous wrestling fans who say that Del Rio is WWE's fastest rising star and that him winning is only inevitable.

Unfortunately, that's not a point that can really be argued with. And it's been strongly-rumored for years that Vince McMahon doesn't see any potential in Christian as a main event star.

The WWE Draft threw quite a kink into things, though. Alberto Del Rio was drafted to RAW, in a move that made it almost certain that Christian would be winning the World Heavyweight Championship come Extreme Rules because WWE would never have both world champions on one brand.


And then there is the argument that Edge's retirement has created an opportunity for Christian to win the major title in honor of his long-time friend. And that's not a bad argument either, because WWE loves to create great moments that will live on forever.

So, we have Christian facing Alberto Del Rio in a Ladder match, a match that is also Christian's specialty, in a match for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship, a title that neither man has ever held. We're guaranteed a new world champion no matter what.

Add the fact that these men have history that goes back to last fall and the fact that Christian is taking the place of his best friend. Oh, and also the fact that Del Rio's drafting to RAW has everyone thinking that Christian is a lock to win the title.

Oh, and who can forget that Christian's "peeps" have been clamoring for this moment for years?And what a great, bittersweet moment it would be if Edge's retirement finally made way for his best friend to win the world title that he deserves.

This match just has to be the main event. It has everything going for it. With Miz likely to retain his title tonight, having Christian win in the main event would be the moment that could send the fans home happy, which is something WWE loves to do. Not always, but usually.

You can call it luck if you'd like, and it was.

WWE is very lucky that Christian already had a program with Del Rio ready to go and they're lucky for his association with Edge. But whether it was luck or not, this is how a main event of a PPV should be booked.

There's so much riding on this match and so much anticipation and interest in it. No matter what happens, no matter who wins, this is one of the greatest things to happen in WWE in the last few years.