NFL Draft: Cincinnati Bengals Will Return, But Patience Will Be the Virtue

Ezri Silver@Maalot20Correspondent IMay 1, 2011

Green as Money?
Green as Money?Chris Trotman/Getty Images

With a draft that has emerged with a trend that shows discipline, cunning and everything Cincinnati is not used to, the Bengals emerged from the draft respectable and consistent with similar results in comparison to the 2010 campaign.

The first round went to primary receptions, the second round went to the empty glass and the rest went to the future potential.

What was promising will only come full circle with the re-signing of veterans such as Cedric Benson and Dhani Jones.

Let us hope that Dalton's selection of number 14 brings home the Paul Brown work ethic, which was imbued in the character of former Bengals quarterback (and Bengals quarterback coach)  Ken Anderson.

Stay tuned for more as the Bengals struggle through a new knowledge known as the saying: "Patience is a Virtue."

The lockout may mean much more to the rest of the NFL—be it the NFC or AFC—but in Cincinnati, the difference resides in the character of the players.