No Romo Spells Trouble

roger hoffmanContributor IOctober 14, 2008

  If opinions ruled Cowboy country these days, this week would be a presidential candidacy.  "Can Brad Johnson do the job?" is the million dollar question.

  Let us review the pros (if they can be viewed as such), Brad Johnson has a super bowl ring.  In 2006, his last season as the starting quarterback, he threw for 2750 yards averaging 183 yards per game with 9 scores and 15 picks.  Those are not phenomenal numbers i realize, but they are about as good as you can hope for when your franchise quarterback is going to be out of action for three weeks and a bye week.

Obviously it is like searching for buried treasure at the bottom of the ocean to find many positive perspectives in a situation such as this, but there are at least two.

  The cons or negative facts facing Cowboy fans these upcoming weeks are as obvious as they come.  Johnson is 40 years old, and has a 40 year old arm.  He will obviously not be near as mobile or elusive in the pocket.  Although the Cowboys are not notorious for their deep threat, the passing game will certainly be under a tremendous amount of duress.  The next few weeks will be proving time for a team that are being continuously classified as one of the top teams in this league. 

  Above all other obstacles standing in the way of the offense, the defense will be the side of the ball that can potentially end all hopes of this season.  With all the focus on Owens and now Johnson, the defense is highly overlooked.  In baseball they call it run support.  In football they call it playing defense.  If the defense allows thirty points a game it will be extremely difficult for this depleted offense to keep up in marathon games.

  One thing is for certain, Dallas Cowboys love them or hate them, sure like to keep things interesting.