College Football 101: Post-Week Seven Midterm Exam

Kevin PaulSenior Analyst IOctober 14, 2008

Test taking has never been this fun kids, so grab your No. 2 pencils, sharpen them good, and get ready to mark off those Scantron sheets. 

It’s basically mid-season; therefore it’s midterm time. If there are enough answers from the peanut gallery, I’ll create a “results post” to compare what everyone had to say.

Otherwise, no need to copy off your neighbor, as this writer is providing his results at the bottom of the post.  Whether you agree with them or not, that’s for you to decide.


TRUE or FALSE – Answer, plus add one sentence why or why not.


1. Mike Knall should become an actor instead of a punter after he graduates from Oklahoma.


2. Chase Daniel, as of today, belongs at the Heisman Trophy ceremony.


3. Firing Tommy Bowden was the right move for Clemson, even at this point in the season.


4. Notre Dame will reach the nine-win plateau that was predicted by Charlie Weis.


5. Despite its No. 3 ranking, Penn State is still getting no respect due to playing in the Big Ten.


6. Ohio State should give Todd Boeckman another shot (part-time or full-time) after Ohio State’s inability to score an offensive touchdown against Purdue on Saturday.


7. USC deserves to be ranked No. 6 in the AP Poll (and No. 4 in the Coaches).


MULTIPLE CHOICE – Choose the answer that best applies – and why.


1. The next team in the current AP top five that will lose is:

A)      Texas

B)      Alabama

C)      Penn State

D)      Oklahoma

E)      Florida


2. Which is the best conference in College Football, as of today?

A)      SEC

B)      Big 12

C)      None of the Above


3. Who most deserves to follow Tommy Bowden as the next to collect unemployment?

A)      Phil Fulmer

B)      Tommy Tuberville

C)      Greg Robinson

D)      Bill Stewart

E)      Other – please specify


4. At this point in the season, who would get your Coach of the Year vote?

A)      Mike Gundy

B)      Bobby Johnson

C)      Butch Davis

D)      Joe Paterno

E)      Nick Saban


5. This year’s BCS Buster will be…

A)      Boise State

B)      Ball State

C)      BYU

D)      Utah

E)      None of the above




1 – This QB had > 500 total yards in a loss on Saturday.

2 – This QB had < 125 total yards in a win on Saturday.



KP’s Answers:


True or False:

1 – TRUE – I didn’t know a stiff breeze could injure one’s leg.

2 – FALSE – At least five other stars on contending teams haven’t thrown three picks in a big game against a ranked opponent.

3 – TRUE – A team with that kind of talent should have been cleaning up in the ACC.

4 – FALSE – Seven for sure, potentially eight, but USC, Pitt, and BC could all knock them off.

5 – TRUE – Despite the three straight losses, Wisconsin is still a talented team that got manhandled by the Nittany Lions Saturday night.

6 – FALSE – Pryor adds that versatility, and OSU might as well keep giving the kid the additional experience.  The Buckeyes are a better team with him running the offense.

7 – FALSE – This team is loaded…but losing to an unranked team as bad as they did, they shouldn’t be this high.  For those who want to compare them to the Gators, Florida gets a pass after crushing a highly ranked opponent in LSU.


Multiple Choice:

1 – A) Texas – Go with the odds, the ‘Horns have a tough stretch coming. Besides, even with the curse Missouri has when playing at Austin, something tells me Chase Daniel is ticked, and he will be ready for the Texas pass defense this weekend.

2 – B) Big 12 – Tough call, but I’m going with the Big 12 as of today, specifically because last weekend, we discovered that both Texas and Oklahoma State were much better than many people thought.

3 – A) Phil Fulmer – Honestly, I think Robinson gets canned first, but who deserves it more?  It’s a tossup between Fulmer and Tuberville, and Fulmer and the Vols have been the bigger disappointment, as they just may be in the SEC basement at year’s end.

4 – D) Joe Paterno – This one is a tossup.  I think if Vandy had knocked off Mississippi State, Johnson would be my pick.  Instead, it’s Paterno, who has fought off contract issues, off-the-field distractions, personal injuries, and more, and the No. 3 Nittany Lions are undefeated at 7-0.

5 – D) Utah – It will come down to the game on Nov. 22 between Utah and BYU.  It’s not only a home game for the Utes, but also Utah has a more balanced attack on offense, including a stifling run defense, which will allow them to focus on Max Hall and the BYU passing game.


Extra Credit:

Curious to see if anyone gets these without looking them up – I can post answers later (as a comment or via a results post).


Happy test-taking…



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