Four Unbreakable MLB Records

Mike MartinCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2008

Here's an interesting take on some dubious records.

4. Bret Boone

There will never be another 5'10" second baseman that will hit 19 home runs before his contract year then jump up to 37 dingers during his contract year.

And then famously flame out from baseball three years later.

3. Alex Rodriguez

There will not be another player to command $250,000,000 only to have his team close out their historic stadium without making the playoffs.

2. Barry Bonds

There will never be another slugger to hit over 700 home runs who is so vilified by the media that they refer to all his records by placing an asterisk next to them, all while ignoring the rest of the cheaters in the game.

Examples: "Corkers" Sammy Sosa, Norm Cash, and Albert Bell. And "Doctors" Gaylord Perry, Joe Niekro, Whitey Ford, and Don Sutton.

1. Roger Clemens

You'll never see another pitcher win seven Cy Young Awards, testify before the US Congress that he's clean, then get implicated by someone for taking steroids and not sue that person for slander or libel.

And then not have those same individuals so hell-bent on putting an asterisk behind another player's records and turn a blind eye to this guy simply because he pitched in a Yankee uniform.