UFC 129: Are You Karate Kidding Me? Lyoto Machida Crane Kicks Randy Couture

Andrew MahlmannCorrespondent IMay 1, 2011

If you are reading a mixed martial arts article, then I hope I can safely assume you have seen the classic martial arts movie The Karate Kid.

The protagonist in the film famously defeats his opponent in the Karate tournament final with a modified front kick to the face called the "crane kick."

Lyoto Machida, known as the main "karate" guy in MMA, used the same technique to earn one of the most spectacular knockouts in the sport; and over a legend like Randy Couture no less.

To make things even more interesting, Machida credits martial artist and former action movie star Steven Seagal with helping him.

If you did not know, Machida's close friend and training partner Anderson Silva also landed a highlight reel front kick KO in his last bout.

Silva also enlisted the services of Seagal for that fight and credits him for the help.

It is strange to see man most known for his Hollywood celebrity assist some native Brazilians, to spectacular effect, at the highest levels of MMA.

Regardless of what crafty wisdom Seagal posses, credit Machida for knocking out a legend in the sport and executing the famous technique that, "If do right, no can defense."


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