UFC 129 Results: During GSP Fight, Bas Rutten Tweets "People Are Leaving"

Jason SchielkeCorrespondent IMay 1, 2011

Coming in to this fight, Georges St-Pierre was saying "Don't blink."

Well Mr. St-Pierre, I blinked more times than I can remember, and I didn't miss a single thing.

For five rounds, we saw the same "safety first" St-Pierre that we have seen in his last three—and now four—title bouts.

Even though he was able to nullify most of Jake Shields' offense, stuffed all of his takedown attempts, and had him hurt on at least three occasions, St-Pierre never went for the finish.

Not only did the people in the crowd display their displeasure, but the Twitterverse also was very unimpressed by St-Pierre's performance.

Many fans, and members of the media, were talking in a not-so-positive sort of way about the St-Pierre vs. Shields fight. Most of them I can not put in this article

But one that I can include came as a huge shock. At the beginning of the first round, Bas Rutten sent out this tweet—"People are leaving this place."

There were 55,000 strong at the Rogers Centre Saturday to support St-Pierre, the three-time Canadian sportsman of the year.

Yet, there were some that apparently so disappointed by St-Pierre's performance that they decided to take off before the fight was even over.

What does this say about St-Pierre's status as he moves forward? If the people who paid a ton of money to be there live were disgusted enough to leave, will the pay-per-view buyers still willing to plunk down their money to see him fight?

But here is the big question—If Anderson Silva displays a similar performance, which he is known to do from time to time, how would it affect the marketability of the "superfight?"

Or after St-Pierre's fight against Shields, is it really a "superfight," or just a fight between two dominant champions?