WWE Draft 2011: Alberto Del Rio's Destiny at Extreme Rules in Draft Aftermath

Vanda RamkissoonContributor IIIApril 30, 2011

The past few weeks have seen a few shakeups at WWE. It started with Edge’s sudden retirement and increased with the WWE Draft. One superstar who has really been affected by this is the Mexican Aristocrat Alberto Del Rio.

His debut was built up for a long time on SmackDown. At some points he was given more TV time than actual employed superstars. With hype like this, you just knew this new superstar was going to be big.

He did not disappoint. He was immediately put into a feud with the top star on SmackDown, Rey Mysterio, and was described as cunning and fearless.

He quickly ascended the ranks. Not only was his in-ring ability good, but his promos were entertaining as well, and he was receiving huge responses from the crowd, be it negative or positive. He also made frequent appearances on RAW as well as Friday nights. He won a Royal Rumble match, which saw him through to the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania 27. It was obvious that he was going to get his hands on the World Heavyweight Championship soon.

The match with Edge opened the show and lived up to its hype. Edge won this match, and at the end we expected the conflict to continue on to Extreme Rules. We were not disappointed, as Del Rio once again became the No. 1 contender for the top prize on the SmackDown brand. The sudden need for Edge to retire because of injury saw the title vacated and Christian returning to become the other contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

At this point I was almost sure that Alberto Del Rio was going to walk out of Extreme Rules the champion of the blue brand. Boy, was I excited about it. I was already imagining him declaring himself royalty, perhaps even locking the arm breaker on Michael Cole because there was only room for one royal, calling the fans peasants, seeing some fans become willing peasants. It was a very interesting scenario for me.

As the draft loomed closer, I decided that this would be a good indication/prediction of the match with Del Rio and Christian. Del Rio was sent to RAW, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The issue is that none of John Cena, John Morrison or The Miz was sent to SmackDown.

Seeing that one of these men would be the WWE Champion on Sunday, it seems that the WWE Championship is staying on RAW and the World Heavyweight Championship residing in SmackDown. This can only mean one thing: Christian will walk out of Extreme Rules 2011 as the World Heavyweight Champion.

I feel a little disappointed at this. I feel that Del Rio at this time would make a better champion. This is not to say that I have anything against Christian. I just feel that making Alberto the King of SmackDown would have made for more entertaining TV. With Christian as the new Champion and Randy Orton being drafted to Friday night, it is only a matter of time before the Viper sinks his fangs into the World Heavyweight Championship.

Where does this leave Alberto? With Sheamus moving to SmackDown, it means that both the United States Championship and the Intercontinental Championship are now on SmackDown. This leads me to believe that there will be a unification of the titles soon. So he is not going to be the United States Champion.

What are his chances at the WWE championship? At this point the main contenders are John Morrison, John Cena and The Miz. There are also rumours that he will be in a conflict with John Cena at Summer Slam. Would this be for the WWE Championship?

I am not sure where his destiny lies at the moment. I have no doubt that it will culminate in something huge; I am just not sure what that something is at the moment.