UFC 129 Results: John "The Bull" Makdessi Executes a Devastating Backfist

Todd SeylerContributor IApril 30, 2011

John "The Bull" Makdessi delivering a vicious side kick
John "The Bull" Makdessi delivering a vicious side kick

In front of the largest crowd in UFC history in Canada's largest city, Montreal, Quebec, John Makdessi executed a brilliantly timed spinning back fist to knockout a very durable Kyle Watson.

Beginning the fight hesitantly to gauge the reach advantage of Watson, Makdessi was reluctant to fully engage during the opening round.

Landing a few short leg kicks and a variety of feeler punches, the Canadian kick-boxing sensation was seemingly estimating his distance and timing his counter strikes to Watson's offense.

As the first round came to a close, Makdessi begins to land a few stiff left hand strikes.

Round two began with a much greater pace for "The Bull."  Landing strong leg kicks and demonstrating a variety of front kicks, Makdessi began to pick apart Kyle Watson with counter left hooks and straight right hands.

Throughout the second round, John Makdessi was nullifying Kyle Watson's offense with tactically precise counter strikes and a variety of kicks from various angles and planes.  Closing the second round with a flurry of tight punches, "The Bull" is seemingly controlling this fight.

The third period begins much like the second with the kick-boxing wizard landing solid leg kicks.  Watson absorbing some vicious leg kicks decides to try to tie up Makdessi with clinch.

Separating, "The Bull" rushes Kyle Watson landing a variety of punches.  Feinting with a right leg kick, Makdessi explosively delivers a spinning back fist which landed on the left cheek of Watson sending his lifeless body to the mat.

Earning a spectacular knockout victory, John "The Bull" Makdessi elevates his overall MMA record to an undefeated 9-0 mark with two victories inside the famed Octagon.

Quite possibly earning Knockout of the Night honors, John Makdessi is an extremely talented and versatile lightweight competitor in this extremely challenging UFC division.

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