Reggie Bush's Money-Ego, Impacted by Ingram Pick | Payton Not Worried

Lee JohnsonSenior Analyst IApril 30, 2011

It hurts
It hurtsJed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Shortly after the Saints moved back into the first round of the 2011 NFL draft to select Alabama running back Mark Ingram, Reggie Bush tweeted, “it’s been fun New Orleans.” One could guess that this means that Bush believes that he is on his way out in New Orleans.

He could be right if he expects to earn the $11.8 million that he is due this season without reworking the deal. Money aside, Saints coach Sean Payton believes that nothing has changed with the team’s vision for Reggie…

“Like any player, each year in this league, there’s competition brought in,” Payton said. “I think we’ve got a real clear vision for Reggie Bush, and what we expect and how we want to utilize him—and that’s not changed. So I’d be surprised … if he wasn’t a Saint next year.

“We look forward to having the versatility, certainly, of a player like Reggie. … As you look at Reggie Bush, there’s more to that position than just playing running back behind the fullback.”

Ironically, the Saints had to worry about the feelings of another running back when they drafted Bush with their first-round pick in 2006. At that time, Saints all-time leading rusher, Deuce McAllister, was the one holding the starting running back position. Fans were in a panic as well, thinking there was no way that the Saints could possibly have both on the roster. As it turns out, the Saints had a different view of how they were going to use both of them, and they were able to co-exist until McAllister was released in 2009.

Bush’s ego aside, the running backs who have most to worry about are Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory. The Saints will specifically use Bush for his talents. Thomas and Ivory would have roles that will have to give way to Ingram’s presence.

At this time one would suspect that the Saints will use all of these running backs and enjoy the depth while they have it. Looks for the Saints to have specific roles for each of them, and keep opponents guessing even more than they already do.

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