Liverpool Likely to Sign Sylvain Marveaux: What Does He Have to Offer?

Antony Herbert@LeeUwishWritingAnalyst IIIApril 30, 2011

Rumour has it that French winger Sylvain Marveaux is heading to Anfield after agreeing a free transfer from Ligue 1 side Rennes. 

With the recent signings of Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez it is possibly less of a requirement to have a successful winger in the team but it is certainly armour that the side could utilise.

Suarez has shown already that his masterful talents on the ball can eradicate the need for instinctive crosses. However the winger position has been regarded as a weak link within a squad aiming to finish fifth this season, and progress even further for the 2011/12 campaign. 

Steven Gerrard has been plagued with injury of late and Joe Cole has been misfiring.

Previously strikers or midfielders have found themselves acquiring a wide winger position in an attempt for the team to find pace up the field and the constructive delivery into the box. Yet changing the in built positions of players has always been met with the same issues of a lack of consistency.

A winger is only persistently capable if they are comfortable within that role. 

So if the rumours are true what can we expect from Liverpool's impending winger? Will he end an era for the club that has at times lacked the speed, control and delivery required on the far right or left? Can he be the inspiration for more 5-0 demolitions such as the recently witnessed thrashing of Birmingham City?

Taking a peak at his "best bits" it is clear he has a lot to offer in terms of raw pace.  His determined outbursts in speed gained him a strong reputation at Rennes especially in his 2009/10 season where he set new accolades for himself in terms of league appearances, assists and goals. 

Initially with his time at the club he looked to be at best average as he found himself more on the bench than off of it. This was in part due to his manager at the time Gary Lacombe's reluctance to start him in games.

It was his successful campaign in 2009/10 saw him gain immediate attention from the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United. His manager thwarted any transfers at that point but it was only going to be a matter of time before he left Rennes. This was certainly as his impressive improvements contradicted the decline in overall performance from his team. 

He did remain at Rennes despite a bid from West Ham United which may have been born out of his desire to score a transfer to a big club when the time was right.

When his contract with Rennes ends at the end of the current season he can head to Liverpool in an attempt to thrust the Kop side to the top of the English Premiership.

With Gerrard advancing in age it may be the perfect time for him to instate himself as a future legend.

In recent games Liverpool have shown the desire and ambition to score on a regular basis.

Consequentially they are the only team in the Premiership to score in every game of 2011. With a solid defence that appears to have few leaks Sylvain Marveaux could be perfect on the counter attack in releasing the likes of Andy Carroll and Dirk Kuyt into goal scoring positions.

A master of planted chips and set pieces his awesome accuracy can be innovative for the teams increased goal scoring abilities. 

In games this season where Liverpool have struggled to break the deadlock or build upon an opener Marveaux could just have been the man to buck that trend. 

At 25 he has a good few seasons sure to come where his fast sprints into the oppositions half can yield goals and victories.

So the Kop side waits for his emergence to see if he can offer the credentials that saw the Premiership and the team take note of him in the first place.

For Sylvain it could just be his first season that sees him in a team challenging for multiple trophies and accolades.