Best Summer Bodies in Sports

Jack StevensContributor IIIApril 30, 2011

Best Summer Bodies in Sports

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    Summer is right around the corner and that means sweltering heat, pools, bikinis and baseball. Football, basketball and hockey keep us entertained during the winter months. Baseball prods us to get off the sofa and go outside.

    It isn't a big deal if you miss a baseball game, because they play 162 games. However, a football team's season can change any week.

    Here are ladies in bikinis and on beaches to get you ready for the summer.

25. Michelle Wie

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    Michelle Wie was born in Honolulu, Hawaii so she has to be on the countdown. It doesn't hurt that she's attractive also. She seems to be playing better golf now that the pressure has subsided a bit.

24. Carrie Underwood

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    The wife of Nashville Predators forward Mike Fisher should see some beach time as soon as the Predators are finished with the Playoffs. The Predators just beat the Anaheim Ducks to advance past the first round.

    They are playing No. 1 Vancouver Canucks in the second round.

23. Lolo Jones

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    Lolo Jones specializes in the 60 and 100 meter hurdles. She's also an American and, even though she's not related to actress and daughter of Quincy Jones, Rashida Jones, she looks like she could be.

22. Serena Williiams

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    Serena Williams, the tennis player/fashion designer, apparently isn't shy about how she feels about herself. If a bikini that has "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME" plastered all over it doesn't scream high maintenance, then I'm a moron.

21. Anna Kournikova

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    Anna Kournikova is a tennis player turned model. She never won a SINGLES tournament during her tennis career. I emphasized singles because some fan/stalker took issue last time I ripped her.

    She has doubles titles, which is like arguing that LeBron James has a championship because he won one in high school.

20. Taryne Mowatt

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    Taryne Mowatt is a professional softball player who played for traditional college softball powerhouse, the Arizona Wildcats.

    Is it sad I know that Arizona traditionally has a good softball team? Maybe, but have you seen the Arizona softball team?

19. Jennie Finch

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    Jennie Finch is another former Arizona Wildcat softball player who is also blond and hot. I think guys might pay more attention to college softball now. You know, when nothing else is on.

18. Allison Stokke

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    Allison Stokke is a pole vaulter (that thing resting on her shoulder probably gave it away). The Summer Olympics have track and field so I put her in the countdown because it's a summer sports countdown.

17. Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh

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    No other sport epitomizes summer and the beach more than beach volleyball, and this tandem remains in the spotlight of the sport. Anyone with half a brain should have known they were on the countdown.

16. Roberta Mancino

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    Roberto Mancino is a skydiver/base jumper, which counts as a summer sport, right? I mean you can't skydive while it's raining or snowing.

15. Leryn Franco

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    Leryn Franco is a Paraguayan javelin thrower who also models.

    I don't know why it's called the javelin toss when it should clearly be called the spear throw.

    Side note: I wouldn't piss off any South American woman who can throw a javelin.

14. Danica Patrick

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    I'm not a Nascar purist, which is probably the reason why I don't understand why purists don't like her.

    I mean, who cares if she races? Also, shoving her inside a car with a helmet and race suit on is a travesty.

13. Amanda Beard

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    Amanda Beard is a swimmer who has seven Olympic medals. She also posed in Playboy if you were wondering, but you are wondering because you are reading this countdown, aren't you?

    You're not just clicking next slide are you? The copy in this countdown has valuable, perhaps life-saving information.

12. Rhianna

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    Rhianna once dated Matt Kemp, who plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers. In my opinion, she looks better when her hair looks normal. When I say normal, I mean not butchered or dyed red.

11. Cameron Diaz

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    After There's Something About Mary I was borderline obsessed with Cameron Diaz but then she made both Charlie's Angels movies, a plethora of chick flicks and started dating Alex Rodriguez.

    Needless to say, my "borderline obsession with a celebrity I have no chance with" changed.

10. Blair O'Neal

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    Blair O'Neal is a model turned golfer. Chicks who golf are awesome. It's like a chick who snowboards or plays basketball.

    I mean who wouldn't want to play 18 holes with her? I don't even care if she beats me.

9. Marisa Miller

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    Marisa Miller is a swimsuit model, and she's not dating a professional athlete but she did play in a celebrity beach football game two years ago. Marisa, welcome to the countdown. I'm sure it's an honor.

8. Natalie Gulbis

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    Natalie Gulbis of the LPGA makes the LPGA watchable. If the PGA, MLB, NBA Summer League and any extreme sports aren't on TV I can enjoy some LPGA.

7. Minka Kelly

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    Minka Kelly is the fiance of New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. And that sentence just became a top-five most obvious sentence ever published.

    Baseball is a summer sport. Jeter is a baseball player. Kelly is dating Jeter. Kelly makes the countdown.

6. Malia Jones

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    Malia Jones is a surfer chick. She keeps up the stereotype of surfer chicks who are hot. I'm not sure how or why that stereotype exists but I don't have a problem with it.

5. Alana Blanchard

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    I told you surfer chicks are hot. Surfer chicks have to be somewhere in the top five for "Stereotypically Hot Chicks." Brazilian chicks and Swedish chicks have to be in the top five as well.

4. Anastasia Ashley

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    You mean there are more hot surfer chicks? Who would have guessed? Their spot in the top five of "Stereotypically Hot Chicks" is solidified.

    However, lumberjack and trucker chicks have a ways to go before being considered.

3. Maria Sharapova

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    This tennis star and fiance of Sasha Vujacic is looking to regain her form on the court this summer. Wimbledon remains one of my favorite summer events.

    We all know Sasha will have plenty of time for the beach. Maybe Deron Williams can delay that a little longer next season, if there is a season.

2. Irina Shayk

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    The girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo spends more time on the beach for "work" than almost anyone. Soccer players and hockey players seem to have the hottest wives and girlfriends.

1. Brooklyn Decker

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    The wife of tennis player Andy Roddick shot into the spotlight with her role in Just Go With It, her marriage to Andy Roddick and the couple's rampant Tweeting.