2011 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Anthony Sherman to the Arizona Cardinals

Aron GlatzerAnalyst IApril 30, 2011

Anthony Sherman brings good size (5'11, 242 pounds) to the fullback position, and the Arizona Cardinals will look for him to open up holes for Beanie Wells, fellow rookie running back Ryan Williams and possibly Tim Hightower.

The Cardinals still need a quarterback, but having a guy to offer some pass-blocking protection in the backfield won't hurt whoever winds up taking snaps under center for the Cardinals in 2011.

According to Tom Melton of Tommeltonscouting.wordpress.com,

Sherman may not be an elite fullback but he blocks effectively and catches the ball effectively. He should be a pretty solid lead blocker in the NFL and will catch the ball well out of the backfield and can get yards after the catch. The problem is that he isn’t effective running the ball out of the backfield which hurts his value because he isn’t as well rounded as a couple other fullbacks in this class.