Stairs Way to Heaven: Eighth-Inning Blast Ends All Dodgers Hopes

Jonny SAnalyst IOctober 13, 2008

I can't imagine a more painful loss as a Dodgers fan than what just happened tonight. The Dodgers absolutely controlled the game all night long. That was, until the eighth inning came around and Joe Torre made a set of questionable moves with the bullpen.

The NLCS series may read 3-1, but after tonight's breakdown, the series is over...4-1 Phillies is how it will be read after Wednesday night. 

I just don't get it. Cory Wade pitched an inning the night before, and the Phillies are experts at making adjustments at the plate and making other teams pay. Why in the world would you let him pitch to Victorino? And Broxton, an all fastball pitcher basically, comes in to face Stairs, who eats fastballs for breakfast.

They did it again last night. Typically Phillies typical fashion, typical Phillies win and a typical painful Dodgers loss that we have grown accustomed to the last few years.

The blame solely goes to the bullpen and Joe Torre tonight, four earned runs in the eighth inning is just unacceptable. I almost felt as though I was watching a movie script unfold. The Phillies never seemed worried all night and the announcers coincidentally said, "Victorino hit 14 home runs on the season and only one so far in the postseason", just moments before he tied the game on a line-drive shot to the visitor's bullpen.

At this point in the game, a 5-5 tie, I knew it was over. The Phillies' confidence could be felt all the way down the 405 freeway and the Dodgers fans covered their face in embarrassment.

Joe Torre made a couple of bullpen moves that were unexplainable, including taking out Derek Lowe after five innings when he could have easily gone one more. Sure enough, the 3-2 lead was given up immediately and I was not the least bit surprised.

Martin, Kemp, Dewitt, guys are going to be great players, but you have a lot to learn still. You are impatient at the plate and try to hit home runs way too often. Sometimes an RBI groundout is better than swinging for the fence and striking out.

Congrats on a World Series berth, Philly. Congrats to Chase Utley, whom I have always respected and is the only Phillies player I think is worthy of MVP votes year in and year out. Charlie Manuel, you are a good guy, and the Phillies have played some inspired ball around you.

Thank you to Manny, for giving us all you have for a few months and bleeding Dodgers' blue. Enjoy the $90 million next year in pinstripes, and we appreciate you helping us and our young players along.

Good luck in the World Series Philly, you were the better team here without a doubt and deserve it. You rely on the home run, but you hit home runs effectively, so it doesn't really matter...You still win consistently. I hope the Dodgers at least gained some respect of the East Coast fans, which I doubt because they never, do but we are a young, young team and have a great core. We will be back next year.

Thanks Dodgers, for a great season, it's been a great ride.

By the way, Fox, thanks a lot for rubbing it in after the bottom of the eighth was over and you decided it would be a fun time to play "I love L.A.". Classy as always, Fox.