WWE: Luke's Detailed Extreme Rules 2011 Predictions

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WWE: Luke's Detailed Extreme Rules 2011 Predictions

The most extreme evening on the WWE calendar is under 48 hours away, an event which is sure to be brutal, sadistic, bloody...actually forget that last part. Vince McMahon said yesterday in his shareholders meeting that blood is not required in matches of this nature.

Right, okay, whatever you say Vince. I'll just overlook the fact that you ruined two of the main events at WrestleMania and take your word for it.

Speaking of WrestleMania, what a bloody letdown! I mean sure, we had three decent matches, but the rest was pretty dismal.

It was certainly no worse than the two previous years' efforts, but WrestleMania has lost its way since the 24th iteration of the event. Which, just as a coincidence, was the last WrestleMania not held under a PG rating.

Nothing against the PG rating, but WWE could do so much more to make the product more sophisticated and appeal to all audiences.

For instance, Tough Enough debuted on television four weeks ago, and has arguably been the best show week in week out WWE are currently producing.

However, a big reason for that is because the language tag on the PG rating allows Austin to truly express himself and the same applies to all the contestants on the show. Why not do the same to Raw and Smackdown!?

Overall, my rating for WrestleMania XXVII is 7/10. Just as a side note, I make this the third consecutive year that Undertaker has been one of the main factors in saving WrestleMania.

So Vince, instead of fining him for taking a chair shot to the hand (that's right, the hand), you should be kissing his feet. Were it not for Undertaker vs. HHH, this year's event would have been a point-blank failure.

Now, back to Extreme Rules. This is one of my favourite WWE PPV's of the year because I do appreciate the gimmick matches.

The card for the show this year has more potential than the one from four weeks ago, and really there is only one match which I am not anticipating. Guess which one.

So, on to the predictions:

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