James HizonaCorrespondent IOctober 13, 2008

Hello MMA fans and fighters! I am Balistik and this is "MMA ALL THE WAY!!". Today's topic of discussion is the main event at UFC 89 in which TUF 3 winner Michael "The Count" Bisping will square off against TUF 1 alum Chris "The Crippler" Leben. Lets get to it.

The Michael Bisping/Chris Leben fight is not a bad fight on paper. But it is not a great fight either. Both fighters like to bang and both fighters have a lot of heart. As far as similarities, that is about it. On the ground, Bisping has a big advantage. His jiu jitsu is more advanced than Lebens. The only way Leben can win is if the fight stays on the feet and get Bisping in trouble before he shoots for a takedown. Cardio wise, Bisping has yet to gas out in a fight, but Leben has shown signs of running on empty. I cannot see this fight going past the second. Either Bisping gets knocked out by Leben, or Leben gasses out and Bisping will get the win either by submission or KO.

Now to reason why Bisping must win. This is the Middleweight division. A division that is ruled by a spider in Anderson Silva. Bisping is new to this division and so far he has yet to be put to the test. Bisping has to beat Leben, because I want to see Silva destroy him. TUF 3, I chose Matt "The Hammer" Hamill to win the whole thing, he was my number one pick and when he got injured I had to go to my second pick which was Bisping. Bisping wins TUF 3, props to him. Then Hamill and Bisping square off at UFC 75 in England! Matt dominated that fight and the judges chose Bisping! Even the crowd was shocked! Did I mention that this was in England? I was hoping and praying for a rematch to happen and it never did. Then Bisping decides to take out Rashad Evans and for the first time fails in the octagon at UFC 78 .  After that loss, he decides to drop to Middleweight. But why? Does he think that the Middleweight Division is easier since there is no Matt Hamill? I can only hope he thinks that way so he can see that he must go back to the Light Heavyweight division so he can get hammered by "The Hammer".


Well, those are my thoughts. Now I'd like to hear yours. Is Bisping dodging Hamill? or is he here to actually cripple "The Crippler"? What happens if Leben wins? Will Bisping drop to Welterweight and set his sights on GSP if he loses? Until then, this is Balistik signing out.


Peace Out,