2011 NFL Draft: Detroit Lions Fans Need To Take a Breath

Michael SuddsCorrespondent IApril 30, 2011

Young "schooling"  Ibiloyyea
Young "schooling" IbiloyyeaJed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Hmm. The Lions pick of WR Titus Young was curious on first blush, but let's take a nice long deep breath here.

Now, isn't that better? What? You still don't get it?

Titus Young is a gifted receiver. OK, he's a "Smurf," and we all get it. But here's the real deal.

Young is Wes Welker v2.0.

Young is that WR that gets you that chain-moving target that Matthew Stafford was trained to throw to—a short yardage option who will be dependable in the clutch.

Just like Wes Welker.

Rest easy, Lions fans, the Lions made a fantastic, safe pick with Titus Young. Believe me when I say that Young might be the "big" surprise in the Lions' 2011 season, and beyond.

Mike Sudds is a Syndicated Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. Mike is also an analyst and correspondent for DraftTek.com.