2011 NFL Draft Results: Scoop on Philadelphia Eagles Round 3 Pick Curtis Marsh

Mike BurkeCorrespondent IApril 29, 2011

In the first and second rounds, the Eagles passed on some corners that we thought they may take.  They passed on Jimmy Smith in round one and Brandon Harris in round two.

In round three, they decided it was time to pull the trigger and finally take a corner.  Their selection was Curtis Marsh out of Utah State.

Marsh stands at 6'1" and 197 pounds.  At this year's NFL Combine, he recorded a 40-yard dash time of 4.46 seconds.

The most interesting thing about Marsh is that he always hasn't been a corner.  He actually played running back in his first two seasons at Utah State.

In the first two rounds, we expected the Eagles to take a corner thinking he could be a player to compete for a starting spot.  However, Marsh is not that type of player.

He has a good combination of speed and size, but is definitely more of a developmental player.  Again, this has to hint to the Eagles feeling that they can find a corner in free agency who can come in and start opposite of Asante Samuel.

Marsh showed versatility in his two years at Utah State.  He is able to press receivers, using his strength to his advantage.  However, he is also able to play off receivers and close on them quickly with his speed.

I don't know how high they originally had Marsh rated, but they may have felt that they needed to pull the trigger and take a corner as they were starting to fly off the board.  If they did, I still find it a bit strange that they went for a guy like Marsh over players like Curtis Brown and Davon House who have much more experience.

Much like the Jarrett pick, I feel like the Eagles made another reach tonight.