WWE Extreme Rules 2011: Five Ways This PPV Can Be Better Before It Starts

Joe HubbsContributor IIApril 29, 2011

As we prepare for the annual follow-up to WrestleMania, the current card leaves plenty of room for doubt. While some of the matches have been built up with fair success, others lack in some obvious and some not so obvious ways while some matches are just missing in action completely. Here are five changes needed on Saturday to make for a better Sunday.

1. Add R-Truth to the Steel Cage Match

To run such an intense angle with him two weeks ago and then not include him in the PPV seems a bit of a waste. While he is likely to get involved to cost Morrison the title and set up their upcoming feud, putting his name on the card and making him an official part of the build seems to make more sense. While four people in a cage would be pretty intense, these four are agile and creative enough to pull it off.

Another idea would be to remove Morrison and let him and Truth have their own match. Cena and Miz in the cage is fine and well enough, isn't it? Plus, unlike their non-PPV title match a few months ago, there has been next to no build of the Miz-Morrison rivalry (or Morrison being in the match at all, for that matter).


2. Clear up the World Title Situation

If Del Rio wins the ladder match, Raw would have both champions and that is not going to happen. Heading in to the PPV, either Christian is going to win, or some messy curveball is going to be thrown to keep a title on each brand.

And messy is never good.

It could be some "special provision" that makes Del Rio stay put or maybe Mark Henry or Sheamus busts up the whole thing and somehow gets the gold, but rest assured that whatever it is, it will be messy.

So either Christian is a lock or some ridiculous outcome occurs. And while Christian would make a fine champion, the other option sucks and that makes a bad matchup. So nullify Del Rio's draft pick if he wins or something along those lines. If he doesn't win, no harm, no foul. But at least there would be more logic (and less mess).


3. Make Orton v. Punk Mean Something

Since the WWE has decided to split up these two before going into their match, it would be better if there was an added stipulation that made the winner of the match the number one contender for his brand's respective title. Both are in that top tier of performers and now they have new people to feud with, so it would make good sense to add something like this. While they can put on a good psychological match, giving the match more meaning would be a bonus here.


4. Get Jim Ross Off of the Card

As great as JR is as announcer, he is that bad of a performer. And he knows it. While he is probably looking forward to this match even less than the potential viewer, he is a true soldier and does as directed by Commandant McMahon and Co. And he deserves credit for that, so maybe that is what this payday is, but it is a thing that should not be.

Ross's involvement in the feud and in the PPV is definitely a plus (though a much bigger plus would be him in his rightful spot beside the King at the announce table), but seeing him in the ring is painful and annoying. While Cole isn't much better, him getting his ass kicked by Lawler again would be a much better scenario.

Actually, the match would be best as a handicap match, with Cole bringing in Swagger since he is clearly the lesser of the two competitors. And this can easily be done right here and now. With Ross's broken hand, King goes on to be the hero against both Swagger and Cole, and JR gets his inevitable licks in on Cole at the end of the match.


5. Put More Champions in More Matches

As of now, the Intercontinental, United States, Tag Team, and Diva champions do not have PPV matches the month after WrestleMania. That is absurd. Why are they champions if they don't even belong on the card??

One match that would not put titles on the line but would put champions in matches would be a four-corners match between Barrett, Jackson, Kane, and Big Show. While it's too late to put this in there now (or is it?), some kind of match with these four (and the other Corre members, for that matter) is deserved as they continue working them week after week on TV.

Sheamus is still a possibility to get added to the card against Kingston, but why wait? Last minute undercard matches don't sell PPVs, full and intriguing cards do. McMahon himself said that the creative team aims for long storyline arcs and full feud development.


Well, their aim sucks.