Leah Shevlin: Bleacher Report's World Football WAG of the Week

Scott HowardContributor IMay 2, 2011

Leah Shevlin: Bleacher Report's World Football WAG of the Week

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    Leah Shevlin is the fiancee of Rangers goalkeeper Allan McGregor, but she is perhaps more famous for her feud with fellow WAG Lauren McDonald.

    Shevlin has been in the news countless other times, most recently when she was busted for having illegal tint on the windows of her sports car.

    I don't know how these guys concentrate on the game with their WAGs creating controversy left and right, but I guess they're used to it.

    Let's take a closer look at Leah Shevlin, B/R's World Football WAG of the Week.

What's in a Name

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    Shevlin has been dubbed the "Scottish Super WAG" by several tabloids, but don't look for her to embrace the name.

    She told STV:

    "I hate being called a WAG—it makes me cringe. It's just a label and doesn't say anything about our real relationship." 

Leah and Posh

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    Despite not liking the WAG moniker, Leah has nothing but good things to say about the WAG of all WAGs, Victoria Beckham:

    "I think Victoria Beckham is a wonderful role model and I do admire her. She's always so supportive of her husband's career and has stuck by him through everything."

Allan McGregor

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    Other than being known for dating Leah Shevlin, McGregor is one of the more popular soccer players in Scotland.

    He plays goalie for the Rangers and for the Scottish national team. He's also the Rangers' longest-serving player, having been with the club since 2001.

    McGregor was once banned from the Scottish national team for drinking heavily after a loss and making inappropriate gestures, but the ban was lifted in 2010.


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    Leah Shevlin is in a famous spat with fellow WAG, Lauren McDonald. Shelvin found out that McDonald had quickly jumped on her ex, Fraser Black, after the two broke up.

    Shevlin got into a fight with MacDonald, who was then dating Ranger Maurice Edu, which resulted in Shevlin being left "bloodied and bruised." I guess we know who won that fight.

    I'm not sure how two women this hot, who have both dated soccer players, are still upset over Fraser Black. This guy deserves his own slide!

The Man in Black

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    Fraser Black is described as a "thug" (love to see how he lists that on his resume) and, coincidentally, he dated two girls who were both WAGs of players on the same team.

    Black was sentenced to seven years in jail in 2008 after being convicted of beating the crap out of another man outside of a Glasgow night club.

    Shevlin and McDonald, who already hate each other, will only have their lives complicated further by Black's release from jail. Word on the street is that McDonald and Black have already rekindled their romance.

Which Came First: The WAG or the Egg?

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    I have no idea whether this source is credible, but this is an awesome story even if it is fictional:

    The Shevlin-McDonald feud is apparently turning juvenile as McDonald and Black reportedly drove by Shevlin while she was shopping and heaved a dozen eggs at her.

    That's right, McDonald and Black egged Leah Shevlin as a practical joke. If only American WAGs behaved like this!

A Career Boost

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    Shevlin is an interior designer/model, a unique combination. She reportedly made an investment to help her career in 2008 by getting some...corrective surgery.

    Shevlin reportedly told the media that she was spending 5,000 pounds so that she could look like Barbie. The best part: she planned on using her fiance Allan McGregor's money.

A Run-in with the Law

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    Shevlin was arrested in 2010 for reportedly "wasting police time" after she demanded that police investigate an incident in which her Ranger boyfriend was assaulted.

    Upon investigation, the cops decided there were "inconsistencies" in Shevlin's story as she had failed to mention that McGregor was at a "lapdancing club" all night.

    Rumors flew that Shevlin was responsible for the attack herself, but she noted their size difference as a defense.

A Good Heart

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    In January 2011, Shevlin decided to throw a gala for the launch of her new charity. She sold tables to raise money, but unfortunately she didn't sell enough seats and had to cancel the event.

    Undeterred, Leah still plans to throw the ball later this year.

A Unique Gift

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    Leah didn't want to get just any old birthday present for her man, so she decided to get something that's sure to last.

    She got the name "Allan" tattooed on her wrist, intertwined with three hearts. Hopefully the two stick together so she doesn't have to have it altered to read something different, like "Gallant."

    Still, that kind of dedication needs to be rewarded, and that is why Leah Shevlin is Bleacher Report's World Football WAG of the Week.